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Published: 19 Feb 2019

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A Mobile Home Park Manager

A mobile home park manager is in charge of the operations, maintenance, and finances of the community. The primary job of a mobile home park manager is to collect rent payments from tenants and deposit them into the owner's bank account. Other responsibilities include hiring landscaping crews and other maintenance staff to clean and repair common areas and fix any issues that arise with individual units, such as faulty appliances and clogged plumbing.

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You know you could use some help. The task of juggling many different tenants, their needs, lot and home repairs, disputes, collecting pay, and processing new tenants can be difficult. If you are alone.

A mobile home park manager should be willing to be in constant contact with your park's residents. They should be prepared to speak with anyone who is interested in living in the park. They have to be more than just winsome.

Park managers need to be clear about their actions. They will be handling tenants and potential tenants, but will also be the point of contact for mobile home tenants and contractors should there be a need for maintenance or repair. A mobile home manager may tackle some of the smaller repairs themselves or have another park staff member deal with it.

They will call a contractor to handle the issue if necessary. Some park owners have found great managers who don't do handyman work, but that's not the case with the mobile home park manager job description. The quality of the worker was worth it in other areas.

Even if they had to hire someone else. It is a plus if your mobile home park manager has the skills to organize a community event. It's a big plus to have unity in your park.

The Mobile Home Park

There are many potential dangers in the mobile home park. When you have children in the park, it opens a whole can of worms. People often take for granted the fact that trees are there.

If branches are not looked after and maintained, they can fall on houses, cars, people or the road. The park owner or tenants should decide whether trees on lots should be taken care of. All lots have to have enough space for two cars.

Some parks are exempt if they only had one parking space per lot. The park has roads. Emergency vehicles and homeowners must have access to the rest of the park.

It is not in everyone's nature to be strict and firm when it comes to punishment. It is important to run a park that is safe and profitable. The bad tenant's behavior affects other tenants too.

You want to make sure that your tenants are willing to reach out to you when they have concerns. They can help improve the park by raising their concerns. It means that many problems can be solved quickly and amicably.

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A Job Description for a Manager of Mobile Home Parks

Now that you have acquired a mobile home park, it is time to get to the hard part. It is important to remember that knowing how to manage a mobile home park comes with a lot of highs and lows, and that you should expect the unexpected. The manager will have to deal with more complicated issues like utility repairs and lease agreements, in addition to collecting rent and keeping the residents happy.

Understanding the basics of how to manage a mobile home park will help you. The summary of the general duties of a park manager is below. The manager won't have to deal with home repairs since most mobile homes are owned by the park residents.

They are still responsible for issues involving utilities like hot water, sewer lines, air conditioning, etc. The manager will need to be able to find the right professionals for the job at a good price. Managers should have some handy-man skills and be able to anticipate future issues.

Park managers will save a lot of money if they can fix their own issues, because not all issues will require a professional. You could also advertise the position job hiring sites like Monster, Indeed or Glassdoor. Your post should give a good idea of what the job entails without being overwhelming to a prospective hire.

Give a time frame for when the manager should start. You will have better success finding a candidate if you understand how to manage a park yourself. You want the person who can help your park thrive.

The HCD Inspection Procedure

The park common facilities, such as lighting, roads, clubhouse, utilities, and other facilities for which the park is responsible, as well as individual home site spaces, including the outside of the homes and accessory structures for which the homeowner is responsible, are included in the inspection. HCD can't determine if a permit is required in cases where there is no documented evidence of original lot lines. The park management and the homeowners have a legal issue.

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A Few Thoughts on the Approval Process for a Mobile Home Park

It is good to have a few key thoughts in mind when you are going through the mobile home park approval process. The process doesn't need to be intimidating because you don't have much knowledge. You should keep in mind the dos and don'ts when you approve people for the park.

It is your responsibility to vet your neighbors. People will knock at your door in search of a new home. It is your job to make sure the right people are in your park.

If your park caters to families with children, you don't want a pedophile in it. It is up to you to figure out what the park's parameters should be. If there is a problem, a paper trail will save you a lot of pain.

Tenants of a Mobile Home Park are Protected by Local Rent Control Laws

State law dictates how much notice is required for a rent increase, while local city or county rent control laws dictate how much a mobile home owner can raise their rent. There is a A written notice is required to increase the rent.

Cal. Civil Code 797. There are some circumstances that exempt a mobile home park tenant from local rent control protection.

To find out if you are protected by mobile home rent control laws, call Tobener Ravenscroft. If there is a change to the MRL during the prior year, parks are required to give homeowners a copy of the MRL or give residents a notice that there is a change. Cal.

Civil Code 797. Residents can request a copy of the park's book within seven days. Id.

Management must present one of the seven allowable reasons in order to evict a tenant. The owner of a mobile home must give at least sixty days' written notice to sell or remove the home from the park. Cal.

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The Role of Water Utility Management in a Mobile Home Park

Managing a mobile home park is a lot of work. You have to deal with the management of the mobile home utilities in your park. It is important to understand where the management and resident responsibilities lie.

Who is responsible for what? The utilities are important to the park. You don't want to let your residents down, but you also need to be clear on where they should take the helm.

It is great that you are here because mobile home utilities are essential to the life and activity of any mobile home park. It is a topic that should be taken seriously. The most basic and common utilities in any park are listed.

Natural gas will be the main source of power behind your stove, water heater, and space heating. Each mobile home will need to be hooked up to a natural gas line to get the natural gas. Most of the time, a mobile home park will be connected to the city water.

It should be clearly stated in the lease who is responsible for the payments on the water utilities. The park utilities are the responsibility of the tenant, unless the mobile home is owned by the park. They will need professionals to install the home and connect the utilities.

What Should I Do in a Mobile Home Park?

Most people know that they shouldn't do certain things in a mobile home park. Residents may do them anyway, even if they are not supposed to. Maybe a location you have seen in person comes to mind when you think about bad activities and environments.

If it does, consider the case of a mobile home park called Mobile Ranch. Sometimes making the news is not a good thing for a park manager. It is not good press when people are concerned about meth cooking and drug dealing in your park.

It is not a good community. You want to keep litter, trash, and messiness out of your mobile home park. Tenants who care about appearance are what you want.

People who care about what their home looks like are invested. You want to keep a place that is attractive to prospective residents. A family with a few little kids decides to take a look at your park in case they want to live there.

They see trash strewn around, whether it is old furniture or garbage bags that haven't made it to the dumpster. Some trailers look like they should be destroyed or partially destroyed. If you need a course to refresh, shouldn't others too?

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A Park Manager for a Family Mobile Home Complex

A park manager is needed for a family mobile home park in Vallejo that has 158 units. You should have experience as a mobile home park or apartment complex manager, hiring contractors, managing construction crews, collecting rent, and dealing with resident's issues.

Mobile Home Park Managers

Coordinate and oversee various projects from start to finish, as the park's Manager on Duty, on a rotating basis. Most positions need relevant work experience to become a mobile home park manager. To become a mobile home park manager, you need to be willing to live in the park, have some customer service experience, and pass a background check.

Reliable people who can work well with many different types of residents are what park owners seek. Excellent communication skills are required. The managers of the mobile park make sure the park is well organized.

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