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Author: Lorena
Published: 6 Jan 2020

Accessible Motorcoach Services with 48 Hours' Advance Notice, The Driver Card for Work Covered by EU Regulations, Motor Coach Operators: A Career in Tourism and more about motor coach driver job. Get more data about motor coach driver job for your career planning.

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Accessible Motorcoach Services with 48 Hours' Advance Notice

When providing accessible motorcoach service to passengers with disabilities, a motorcoach company must give 48 hours' advance notice. If you have 48 hours notice, you must provide accessible service for passengers who are unable to board the motorcoach without a wheelchair. The motorcoach must have a location and equipment for securing the wheelchair.

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The Driver Card for Work Covered by EU Regulations

The Traffic Commissioner will consider whether a person is suitable to drive a bus or coach if they have convictions for assault, theft or supplying drugs. If your work is covered by EU Drivers Hours regulations and your vehicle is equipped with a digital tachograph, you have to use a driver card. If a vehicle fitted with a digital tachograph is being used on work that is covered by British Domestic Regulations, it must be set to out of scope unless it is being used as an alternative to keeping records in a driver's log book.

Motor Coach Operators: A Career in Tourism

Motor coach operators drive buses for tour companies. Drivers can transport passengers for short or long haul trips. Most major tourist destinations offer coach tours in which drivers and guides work.

The job requires some training and has a moderate salary. Motor coach drivers operate charter buses. Drivers must follow the routes that are set.

They may make stops if requested by the tour guides or passengers. Drivers are responsible for the safety of passengers. Drivers for a tour company may act as program directors and serve as customer service representatives.

A high school diploma is all that is needed for a coach driver. The training for coach drivers lasts up to eight weeks and is usually provided by the employer. Commercial drivers with the correct state or federal endorsements are required for coach driving.

The coach driving course includes zig-zag driving, how to drive on highways and city streets, and back up. They need to be able to lift luggage up to 50 lbs. Large vehicles are being operated on city streets or on highways.

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The Drivers of Company Vehicle

The drivers of the motor coach are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner in all aspects of their job. Drivers operate a variety of Company vehicles to provide quality, safe, efficient and reliable service in accordance with current D.O.T. legislation as well as Company procedures.

The Role of Operators in Safety and Safety Management

An Operator drives the motor coach safely, arrives at the pickup location at assigned times, drives to the point of destination in a safe manner, follows traffic laws and DOT regulations, and scans the environment for possible safety. As an operator, you have to enforce the rules of the motor coach, make determination of whether incidents on the motor coach require law enforcement to be notified, and consider the welfare of all passengers. You answer passenger questions. You act in a friendly and courteous manner, and provide positive customer service.

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