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Published: 26 Jan 2020

The Army Transportation Logistics Team, The Army Motor Transport Operator Job Description, The Ideal Candidates for a Motor Vehicle Operator Job and more about motor transport operator job. Get more data about motor transport operator job for your career planning.

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The Army Transportation Logistics Team

The Army has a transportation logistics team that you will play a part in. You will be responsible for the safe transport of cargo, troops and advanced mobility on all missions. You will manage loading, unloading, and reporting any damage to the vehicle.

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The Army Motor Transport Operator Job Description

Motor transport operators play a key role in keeping the Army moving and getting things from Point A to Point B both on and off the battlefield, but it may not be the most high-adrenaline or high-profile job in the armed services. The Army motor transport operators are responsible for the safety of their vehicles and their passengers. It's up to them to make sure transport operations go smoothly.

The Ideal Candidates for a Motor Vehicle Operator Job

The ideal candidate for a motor vehicle operator job should have a high school degree and a commercial driver's license. The job candidate should have attended a professional driving school if the vehicle is being driven. Motor vehicle operators should be comfortable with moving people and goods.

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The Motor Vehicle Operator

The Motor Vehicle Operator is doing his job. The Motor Vehicle Operator has a plan for work assignments and equipment allocations. The Motor Vehicle Operator is able to resolve problems by talking to customers, supervisors, contractors and other personnel.

The Motor Vehicle Operator directs workers in transportation or related services. The Motor Vehicle Operator can help resolve worker problems. The Motor Vehicle Operator monitors field work to make sure that it is done correctly and that materials are used in the way that they should be.

The Motor Vehicle Operator recommends and implements measures to improve worker motivation, equipment performance, work methods, and customer services. The Motor Vehicle Operator keeps records of time, materials, expenditures and crew activities. The Motor Vehicle Operator interprets regulations for workers.

The Motor Vehicle Operator must give information to their supervisors by phone, e-mail, or in person. The Motor Vehicle Operator needs to be able to use computers and computer systems to program, write, software, set up functions, enter data, or process information. The Motor Vehicle Operator develops and maintains good relationships with others.

Land Navigation for Combat Operations

Land navigation techniques are used in support of combat operations while managing to transport cargo and personnel safely. Cargo is secured against weather, pilferage, and damage. Tow vehicles are included in the field expedients.

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Basic Combat Training for the Navy Motor Transport Operator

The Motor Transport Operator is one of the most important careers in the Navy. The Navy Motor Transport Operator is responsible for working with over 50,000 different buses, trucks, and heavy vehicles. You will be responsible for operating and driving many different types of vehicles.

The Navy Motor Transport Operator is a specialty that is involved in the transportation of personnel and supplies in military convoys and the movement of goods and materials throughout the military battlefield. The Navy Transport Motor Operator is responsible for driving fuel tanks, water trucks, and passenger transportation vehicles in support of the Navy mission. The Navy Motor Transport Operators are responsible for operating and supervising wheeled vehicles.

As a motor transport operator, you will have to keep detailed vehicle records, read load plans, and drive vehicles over all types of terrains and roads. You will be responsible for monitoring and checking vehicle fluid levels, as well as performing routine repairs and vehicle washing, as part of your duties. Basic Combat Training will teach you how to be an enlisted servicemember in the Navy.

You will receive further training on becoming a Navy Motor Transport Operator after six weeks of Individual Advanced training. You will learn about safety procedures, international road signs and rules of the road, basic vehicle maintenance and accident prevention during your training. You will spend part of your time in the classroom and part of your time in the field training for combat.

You will learn how to operate in a convoy and be part of a team that will deliver and provide for the Navy mission at home and abroad. You will be part of a team that works with Navy vehicles in a variety of missions and perform many different types of operator tasks after you've been trained. You can find a lot of civilian jobs after you leave the Navy.

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