Motorcycle Safety Instructor Job Description


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Published: 16 Mar 2020

Motorcycle Safety Instructors, The Challenges of Re-Entry Ridership, Instructors for Motorcycle Driving, A mandatory training course for motorcyclists, Site Support for Training Motorcycles and more about motorcycle safety instructor job. Get more data about motorcycle safety instructor job for your career planning.

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Motorcycle Safety Instructors

A motorcycle safety instructor teaches riders how to avoid crashes. You teach students who are not licensed to ride. You can also teach people who have a license but want to improve their riding skills.

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The Challenges of Re-Entry Ridership

Motorcycles are in abundance during spring. Do you enjoy the freedom that comes with riding on the open road? It's important to respect your machine and improve your skills throughout your life.

Instructors for Motorcycle Driving

People who want to ride motorcycles are taught to ride safely and to take the motorcycle license test. They must be knowledgeable and licensed. They must be trained and certified to teach a certain amount of time.

People need to be patient, communicate well and have a positive attitude to teach them how to operate motorcycles. All motorcycle instructors must meet some core requirements. The minimum age888-607-3166 is required to teach motorcycle driving.

You must provide proof a good driving record and a motor vehicle report from the state where you are registered to drive. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is an organization that has developed a comprehensive motorcycle safety training system. RiderCoach training prepares and certifies motorcycle instructors and trainers.

RiderCoach certification requires American Red Cross first-aid certification, annual refresher courses and a minimum number of instruction hours. Instructors teach part time. Instructors with the Illinois Cycle Rider Safety Training Program make an average of a few hundred dollars per course, and they have flexibility in how much they teach.

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A mandatory training course for motorcyclists

Successful applicants will be reliable, organised, and have a burning passion to inspire others to ride motorcycles in a way that reduces their risk on the road. It is not essential that you have experience in the motorcycling industry and have been accredited by the VicRoads. Stay Upright provides the mandatory training for the right candidates for free.

Site Support for Training Motorcycles

Provide site support tasks such as locating and creating agreements for additional and replacement training sites, assisting in site set-ups, maintenance, and teardowns, procure, manage, and maintain motorcycles and other training equipment, and transport motorcycles and other training equipment.

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