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Published: 8 May 2021

Franchise Management: A Business Communication Perspective, The Franchisees' Role in a Business, The Sales Manager, What is expected of you as a Development Manager? and more about national franchise development manager job. Get more data about national franchise development manager job for your career planning.

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Franchise Management: A Business Communication Perspective

The franchising department of an organization is planned by franchise managers. The manager makes sure that the corporation's message is received by the franchisees. The overall success of the organization is ensured by the support offered by a franchise manager.

A bachelor's degree in business management or marketing is required for the position of a franchise manager. Experience in management, marketing or leadership positions is required for the franchise manager role. Experience in a specific business is required for a management position.

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The Franchisees' Role in a Business

The franchisor is often responsible for providing the franchisee with day-to-day, customer service, technical, and sometimes financial support. You are the boss and the business owner at your unit. You should be present at the location during your formative days.

You have to invest a lot of time and money to see that it takes off. The burden of supporting the franchise units is expected of the franchisees. They have to provide or source funds for start-up costs, as well as pay staff and pay ongoing fees to the franchisor.

The franchisor needs to be communicated all the concerns, issues and needs of the franchisee in order for the business to operate smoothly. The franchisee has to provide regular expense and profit reporting. The job of the franchisee is to test out the changes and report them back to the franchisor.

The Sales Manager

The sales manager will be responsible for controlling the sales department and setting sales targets as may be set by management.

What is expected of you as a Development Manager?

The role of a development manager can be very difficult. You are the man in the middle, being pulled in different directions by management, customers, sales, developers and other people. If you are doing your job well, nobody notices, the work gets done without drama, and everyone gets what they want.

If things go wrong, you are to blame. Managing expectations and making sure everyone understands your role are the first steps to success as a Development Manager. You and the people you work need to agree on what is expected of you as a development manager.

A Business Development Manager Job Description

A Business Development Manager job description should ask for a range of skills and capacities that are related to the best strategic and financial outcomes for the organisation. The Business Development Manager job description can be used to find suitable candidates.

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Training Managers: A Key Role of HR Management

Training managers help businesses by helping with training programs for employees. They assess the needs of a business, implement training and development plans, and facilitate a wide variety of training programs that enhance the effectiveness of the workforce. To ensure success, training managers should understand the business operation and decision-making processes with a keen interest in producing targeted and tangible results by creating an effective and efficient workforce. The top candidates will be innovative, strong decision-makers and outstanding facilitators of learning and change.

The Role of Employees in Leadership

5. Every manager needs to know how to acknowledge and reinforce employees, and how to avoid bashing and criticizing them when they make a mistake. True leaders accept their employees' mistakes as learning opportunities, and they take responsibility for everything that happens in the department.

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A Business Development Executive for a Large-Scale IT Services Proposal

Senior Business Development Manager is acknowledged for his understanding of the business-technology interface and capacity to identify and align clients' emerging technology needs with products and services. A successful background in technical, operational management, service delivery, project management, and business development disciplines shows expertise in engaging decision makers and developing winning sales strategies and solutions. Business Development Executives use the gold standard of prospecting and cold-calling processes to develop their new line of business.

Identified portfolio gaps and deficiencies and joined forces with the National Portfolio Manager to address issues, conduct market research, create new strategies and produce the marketing collateral, sales tools and templates to support the sales effort for a new line of business nationally. Gained distinction as a superior business development performer, as he achieved 65% sales to budget from a zero base within the first year. The company's largest and most complex IT services proposal in its history was the one that was lead by the person who was selected to lead.

A start-up business that was propelled into a flourishing manufacturer and national distributor employing seventeen staff and gaining distinction for rapid order turn around and superior service that surpassed larger competitors. From just five leads, I grew my customer base to 100 regular customers and larger retail franchises were interested in signing national buying agreements. Jump-starting a business with minimal capital is not easy.

Within 12 months, the business had reached $600K in turnover and produced and delivered 100 units weekly to 200 independent and franchised retailers. Hundreds of hours are devoted to ongoing professional development throughout career via workshops, formal and informal training courses, memberships industry associations, market research subscriptions and more. There are more than fifty technical training courses and more than one Executive Briefing presentation certification.

Experience in Business Development

If you have experience in sales, marketing or business administration, you will be good for your CV and skill set. Future employers will know that you're serious about your career choice. Larger companies are more likely to devote time and resources to developing their business.

Business development is usually carried out as a smaller function within a larger mix of responsibilities. You could progress to the role of senior business development manager, which would involve being responsible for a bigger team or department. You could reach director level with enough experience.

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How Much Does a Business Development Manager Make?

How much does a business development manager make? The average Business Development Manager salary in the United States is $130,318, but the range is between $105,576 and $154,446. Many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you have spent in your profession, can affect the salary range. With more online, real-time compensation data than any other website, helps you determine your exact pay target.

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