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Published: 5 Mar 2019

NICU Nurses, NICU Nurses, The Salary and Benefit Packages of a Nurse Intensive Care Nurse, Resume Examples for NICU Nurses, NICU Nurses in Pediatric ICU and more about nicu rn job. Get more data about nicu rn job for your career planning.

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NICU Nurses

The terms "neonatal nurse" and "NICU nurse" are not the same. A nurse in the NICU cares for newborn infants who need strict medical attention while a nurse in the neonatal unit cares for neonates. Newborn infants only need a fraction of an adult's medication dose, so NICU nurses should know how to calculate drug dose.

In addition to that, the nurses in the NICU must know how to use and adjust specialized equipment. The nurses in the NICU are responsible for coordinating all the medical procedures and treatments given to the patients. They help physicians during treatments and communicate with other team members.

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To be successful as a NICU nurse, you need to have a caring nature, be able to coordinate treatments and work in a stress-laden environment, and be able to work with a team of healthcare professionals. A nurse in the NICU should have a good knowledge of the equipment used to treat at-risk newborns.

The Salary and Benefit Packages of a Nurse Intensive Care Nurse

The need for neonatal intensive care nurses is growing as the population in the United States grows. It can be difficult to care for premature babies and offer support to their families, but it is rewarding. The interest in working with infants and their families should be a natural interest for nurses considering the NICU.

The average annual salary of a NICU nurse is around $62,470. The salaries will vary due to factors like city and state of employment, employing organization, years of experience, education levels, and number of credentials. The benefit packages NICU nurses will receive from their employers will be similar to those of other workers.

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Resume Examples for NICU Nurses

NICU nurses are the best at caring for newborn babies. The resume of a nurse in the NICU shows skills such as observing and recording signs, symptoms, and behaviors of infants and reporting assessment changes to the appropriate physician. People who are interested in a career in neonatal nursing need to have a two or four-year degree in nursing on their resume.

NICU Nurses in Pediatric ICU

A level 3 NICU RN with fifteen years experience, is a caring REGISTERED NURSING. There is a very verse in the computer chart systems. A night shift per-diem nurse is looking for a position.

As a travel nurse, Peds ER experience included the Pediatric ICU. The experience of administering cancer drugs. While seeking opportunities for improvement of processes and treatments in various settings, performed all tasks with a patient-centered focus.

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The Salaries of Nurses in NICU

The nurses in the NICU deal with delicate patients. Every second counts so they must be masters of technical competencies. The NICU nursing needs a full understanding of the needs of the newborn and their family.

Handling fragile patients requires a quality education. The requirements for becoming a registered nurse include obtaining a degree. Most NICU nurses have a degree in nursing.

Hospitals offer diplomas to become NICU nurses. Hospitals prefer nurses with a bachelor's degree to care for newborns. Full time NICU nurses need experience in the ER and the ICU before they can be hired.

Before sitting for the exam, nurses must have at least 2 years of training in newborn care. The salaries for NICU nurses vary by location. A nursing salary range can be as high as $75,300 annually for nurses with an associate degree.

A bachelor's degree in nursing can earn a nurse a salary range of $60,900 to $79,800 annually. The annual salaries of NICU nurses with master's degrees are around $82,200 and $81,300. The salaries of nurses in the NICU increase with experience.

The Nurses in the NICU

Babies are checked by nurses to make sure their bodily functions are performing as expected. The nurses in the NICU perform tests to evaluate any problems, operate equipment that helps with a baby's vital functions, monitor infant health, and administer treatment and medication as prescribed by doctors.

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Experience in Travel Nurses

You need at least one year of experience in an acute care facility to work as a travel nurse. The NICU is the same. Most facilities want to see that you have had time to develop your skills before you travel, as you often will have limited orientation assignment.

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