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Published: 5 Jan 2019

Night Auditors: A Mixture of Customer Service Representative and Accounting Clerk, Night Auditors: A Job Description, The Night Auditor Job Description and more about night audit job. Get more data about night audit job for your career planning.

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Night Auditors: A Mixture of Customer Service Representative and Accounting Clerk

A night auditor's job description is a mix of customer service representatives and accounting clerks. Customer service night audits include welcoming guests and getting them checked into their rooms, responding to guests' requests, and coordinating with other hotel workers to finish the day's work. Accounting duties include taking payments, reconciling accounts, and balancing the cash drawer.

You can expect to spend your shift standing at the front desk, walking around to rooms and sometimes lifting items. You need a high school diploma, basic math and accounting skills, and a good knowledge of various software applications, such as productivity software, to be an auditor for night. Employers may prefer that you have a year or more of experience in accounting, customer service, and the like.

You can expect the establishment to give you short-term training, which will cover the processes for managing guest reservations, performing accounting tasks and providing customer service as well as using the front desk software. The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts night auditors in the job category of hotel, motel and resort desk clerks, an occupation that earned a median wage of $22,850 a year in May. Half of desk clerks earned more than this.

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Night Auditors: A Job Description

Night auditors work at hotels. They perform the duties of both an accountant and a front desk agent by handling finances, as well as checking guests in or out and attending to their requests. To be a successful night auditor, you need to have good attention to detail, financial savvy, and a strong customer service. Top candidates will be able to manage their time in a way that will allow them to prioritize their work.

The Night Auditor Job Description

The main requirement for the night auditor job is to work in a hotel at night. They maintain the financial records of the hotel. Guests can arrive at any time, which makes it necessary to work at night.

The night auditors do not need high school diplomas, but they need to be good in accounting for their accounting courses. They get a good salary because of the additional front desk duties. They have to be responsible about the books they have to maintain, but work hours are not that busy.

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Night Auditors: A part of the hotel industry

Night auditors do a lot of accounting duties like reporting daily revenues and account payable, transaction audits and confirmation, documenting the final statement for next day check out, and also conducting reception tasks for late-night guests. The night auditor is a vital part of the hotel industry. The night auditors are also known as night cashiers and they handle hotel records during the night and early morning.

A Nightmare in the Night

You will work alone over night, carrying out property security rounds. You must be comfortable sitting for long hours and confident in your ability to work alone and conduct security rounds.

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On-the Job Training for Night Auditors

A Night Auditor is the first point of contact in late-night hotels. They are involved in assisting hotel guests with requests, balancing accounts from shifts and acting as a Front desk agent. A Night Auditor is responsible for customer service, administrative and accounting during the night.

They interact with guests in hotels. Night Auditors work with Night Managers, Security Guards, Night Porters and other professionals who work night shifts. They can work independently as part-time, full-time or contract employees.

If you want to provide on-the-job training for Night Auditors, you should first determine whether you need an applicants with years of work experience. Entry-level Night Auditor roles are typically more suited for experience than a similar position. You can look for someone who can speak or write in another language, as establishments often welcome international guests.

Night Auditors need a high school degree to do their jobs. You may hire someone with more qualifications. An application with a degree in business administration or similar fields may be an asset to your organization.

You may require an application to complete a college program in hotel management. Night Auditors and Hotel Front Desk Clerks are similar to each other. Both professionals work at the front desk.

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