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Published: 10 Jan 2019

The Hotel Night Clerks at Crestline Hotels and Resort, Front Desk Clerks, A Front Desk Clerk's Job Description, A Survey of Hotel Front Desk Clerks and more about night desk clerk job. Get more data about night desk clerk job for your career planning.

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The Hotel Night Clerks at Crestline Hotels and Resort

The hotel night clerks keep records of occupied rooms and guests accounts. They can change guest room reservations as well. All hotel night clerks have to know all room types, locations, rates, promotions and special packages, according to Crestline Hotels and Resorts.

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Front Desk Clerks

A front desk clerk is the first point of contact with the clients of a business. They perform essential front desk administrative duties. A receptionist is also known as a front desk.

A Front Desk Clerk's Job Description

Front desk clerks are expected to provide excellent customer service. Vault says that you should be able to greet customers and answer their questions in a friendly manner. You must be able to communicate effectively with other members of the staff and maintain a professional attitude even in the face of challenges. As a front desk clerk you have to work to solve problems quickly and provide guests with the best experience possible, otherwise they will leave with a bad impression of the company.

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A Survey of Hotel Front Desk Clerks

The Front desk clerks of hotels are responsible for making sure that guests are taken care of and that the hotel has the right amenities. They greet people as they enter the lobby, help visitors check into their rooms, and receive calls from guests. The first point of contact for guests at a hotel is the Front desk.

They give guests information about what services the hotel has to offer. The front desk clerks make room reservations and confirm the customer's visit prior to their stay. They have an up-to-date knowledge of room rates and housekeeping schedules, which allows them to give guests accurate information.

The front desk clerks coordinate payment and verify personal information for each customer to ensure they receive their services. The average yearly salary for a hotel clerk is $11.85 per hour. Depending on location, hotel brand the expected tasks of the hotel clerk, the hotel clerk's salary can range from $7.25 to $22.85 per hour.

The hourly wage for hotel front desk clerks is lower for smaller hotels with fewer guests and for larger hotels with more guests. Some hotel clerks only check in and check out guests, while other hotel clerks offer concierge services. Concierge services require more advanced customers service skills and knowledge of the local areand its attractions, which will result in a higher hourly wage.

A high school degree is often required for a Hotel Front Desk Clerk position, but some hiring managers prefer a bachelor's degree. Sales, customer service and computers are relevant industries. Most hotel clerks will get on-the-job training in the first few weeks.

The Role of Technical Support Specialists in Help Desk Clerk'S Position

Technical professionals who work either in-house or remotely to assist customers with technical issues and relay comments, concerns or questions to the IT team are called Help Desk Clerks. They will help users with basic technical issues over the phone, email or chat box system. Help desk clerks can help customers set up or install the company's hardware or software system.

There was no salary data for a Help Desk Clerk. The Help Desk Clerk's salary can be influenced by education, experience level, geographical location, type of employment and the industry in which they work. A high school degree is often required to work as a Help Desk Clerk, but some companies may prefer candidates with an associate or bachelor's degree.

When hiring a Help Desk Clerk, previous training in customer service, phone support and word processing is important. Help desk clerks may be required to complete a training program of their own. The person a Help Desk Clerk reports to is usually a person who works for a certain organization.

The IT Director may give feedback to those who work for tech companies. The IT Director may give them feedback on their performance and recommend ways to improve their communication with customers. They may give Help Desk Clerks important updates from the IT department for them to relay to customers.

A supervisor may oversee the progress of the other Help Desk Clerks on a team. They can assign their daily tasks to Help Desk Clerks, conduct one-on-ones with them, and build their schedules. Some Help Desk Clerks may need to work for several hours at a time.

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Night Auditors: A Mixture of Customer Service Representative and Accounting Clerk

A night auditor's job description is a mix of customer service representatives and accounting clerks. Customer service night audits include welcoming guests and getting them checked into their rooms, responding to guests' requests, and coordinating with other hotel workers to finish the day's work. Accounting duties include taking payments, reconciling accounts, and balancing the cash drawer.

You can expect to spend your shift standing at the front desk, walking around to rooms and sometimes lifting items. You need a high school diploma, basic math and accounting skills, and a good knowledge of various software applications, such as productivity software, to be an auditor for night. Employers may prefer that you have a year or more of experience in accounting, customer service, and the like.

You can expect the establishment to give you short-term training, which will cover the processes for managing guest reservations, performing accounting tasks and providing customer service as well as using the front desk software. The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts night auditors in the job category of hotel, motel and resort desk clerks, an occupation that earned a median wage of $22,850 a year in May. Half of desk clerks earned more than this.

A Candidate with Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

A successful candidate is well-versed in customer service. The candidate will need to work independently, be physically fit, and be able to work throughout the night without any physical effects. The successful candidate will have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word, excel, and PowerPoint.

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Night Auditors: Data Entry, Database Processing and Accounting

The job description for night auditors includes performing data entry on spreadsheets or in a database, and processing different types of computer accounting reports for the hotel and restaurant. They input reservations on a computer system and update the occupied status of rooms as guests come and go.

A Survey on Desk Clerks

A desk clerk is a general office clerk and works under the supervision of one or more managers. Depending on the industry in which they work, they are responsible for a variety of clerical tasks. A desk clerk at a beauty salon will have different tasks than a medical billing department employee.

Most desk clerks work full time. Depending on the needs of the employer, a part-time schedule might be possible. People who need to speak with a specific person or have general questions can first contact desk clerks.

The desk clerks know how to use the phone system. It is important to deliver accurate phone messages. A lot of information is flowing in and out of an office setting, and desk clerks are often tasked with keeping it organized.

The documents have to be filed manually or electronically. If you are asked to maintain monthly calendars and scheduling for one or more people in the office, you can email or deliver a hard copy of the updates to all involved parties. A high school diploma is required to hold a desk clerk position.

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Communication Skills for Clerical Workers

Communication skills are important for clerical workers to have. They will answer phones, write memos, send emails, and greet clients and customers. The difference between a long-term career and a short-term one is dependent on how effective clerks and secretaries are in communicating with their co-workers.

The office runs smoothly if the clerks and secretaries are organized. Keeping track of the employer's schedule, answering emails and phone calls, and maintaining files are some of the tasks they will do. Being able to adapt will help you thrive in a fast-paced environment.

You will be expected to be reliable for your colleagues and to get the job done. Doing so effectively will require a range of skills. Some cases in which your boss or superior is unable to help you, may be.

Night Job Opportunities in Overnight Facilities

There are many different jobs for people who want to work. If you want to minimize your child care expenses, a student who takes classes during the day, or someone who needs additional income, a night job is the right fit for you. Here is an overview of some of the jobs that are available for workers who want to work night, day, and graveyard shifts.

There are many options to consider if you're looking for a part-time job or weekend job. Doctors are in high demand because of the high demand for emergency rooms during the evening hours. Emergency room doctors must quickly diagnose and prioritize illnesses.

They must decide which tests and assessments are needed to confirm diagnoses and make referrals. Night work is usually an option for nurses, and they can work when and where they want. They must be sensitive to the distress of individuals who are difficult to help.

Sound judgement is needed when deciding whether to call in other healthcare professionals. Night watch security guards are tasked with securing facilities all night long. Security guards must watch for activity at work.

They screen visitors and make sure they don't have dangerous materials. Security guards watch for violations, detain violators, and write reports. Front desk clerks at hotels and resorts greet and register patrons, answer questions about reservations, inform lodgers about the amenities of their establishments, and resolve problems with accommodations.

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