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Published: 1 Feb 2021

What is a Night Shift?, Achieving Patient Satisfaction in Sound Physicians, The NOC Group: How Hospitalists Get Their Pay and Benefit and more about nocturnist physician job. Get more data about nocturnist physician job for your career planning.

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What is a Night Shift?

You ask what a nocturnist is. Being a nocturnist is one of the many titles that a hospitalist can be called a hospitalist. A hospitalist works the night shift.

You might have nightmares about the many nights you worked, the assembly line of patients, procedures, and cross-cover calls you have processed. The lone wolves of the night are conornists. They wear many hats and have to deal with a lot of admissions, cross-cover calls, and grumpy consultant phone exchanges, all of which make them tired.

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Achieving Patient Satisfaction in Sound Physicians

Sound Physicians has a track record of improving quality, satisfaction, and financial performance for its hospital partners nationwide. Sound combines a high- performance model with engaged providers to drive results across the acute care episode.

The NOC Group: How Hospitalists Get Their Pay and Benefit

Many hospital medicine experts say that Dr. Nadershahi's experience is out of the ordinary. Hospitalist groups sometimes sabotage their own best intentions by throwing the best recruits into unsustainable circumstances that lead to disproportionate turnover, because they say a top priority is to attract and retain nocturnists. The group offers flexible scheduling in terms of how long nocturnists want their shifts to be, and how many shifts they want in a block.

Some do seven nights in a row, others only three, and others do 10. Nocturnists can earn more money than day-time doctors because their base pay is higher. The group hired nurse practitioners to take care of the cross-cover and floor calls so the nocturnists can focus on more RVU-intensive admissions.

Swing shifts help nocturnists during busy evening hours so they aren't exhausted before they get going. The overlap in the morning is important to encourage the sharing of information. The day doctors in their group report different productivity incentives.

Typically, physicians working only days earn their productivity incentive by exceeding RVU thresholds, while nocturnists track their productivity in terms of their number of admissions. Nocturnists get a cut of the quality bonuses paid out in most groups. In terms of training, family medicine-trained physicians make up 15.5% of hospitalists overall but 24% of nocturnists.

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The Night Shift: A Challenge for Conornists

The only doctors on the floor after all the other doctors have left is called a conornists. They can enjoy more freedom working the night shift. The job has its challenges.

The 2016 State of Hospital Medicine Report states that conornists are more common in hospitals. Health care systems want to hire nocturnists because they need a physician present on the floor at all times to care for patients and produce the best possible patient outcomes. There is high demand for your services.

The State of Hospital Medicine Report noted that least 70% of hospitalist programs now include a nocturnist. Demand is growing. If you have good experience and are looking for a nocturnist job, you may find organizations that are interested in courting you.

Locum tenens nocturnists and other hospitalists are in high demand. More freedom. A nocturnist job is a good fit for people who like independence in their practice.

The buck stops with you when it comes to making clinical decisions. You can still call in other specialists when you need them. Time during the day.

The UPMC Pinnacle Health System

UPMC is a leader in providing high-quality, patient-centered health care services in central Pennsylvaniand surrounding rural communities. The system cares for more than one million people yearly, providing emergency care, primary care, and diagnostic services. The UPMC Pinnacle health system has seven acute care hospitals with 1,161 licensed beds, over 160 outpatient clinics and ancillary facilities, more than 2,900 physicians and allied health professionals, and 11,000 employees. It is a health care hub that serves many counties.

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Wake Forest Baptist Hospital

It includes a regional clinical system with more than 300 locations, 2,100 physicians and 1,535 acute care beds, Wake Forest School of Medicine, and Wake Forest Innovations, which promotes the commercialization of research discoveries. Wake Forest Baptist has a number of programs that are ranked among the best in the country.

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