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Published: 21 Jan 2019

The Role of the Patient Navigator in a Cancer Program, The Cancer Care Navigator Job Description, Nurse Navigators: The Role of Empathy and Compassion and more about oncology nurse navigator job. Get more data about oncology nurse navigator job for your career planning.

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The Role of the Patient Navigator in a Cancer Program

The patient navigator will be in charge of coordinating central line placement, dental evaluation, and PEG tube placement. The patient does not have his own transportation so it will beneficial for him to have appointments grouped together whenever possible. The navigator will make sure that the records are available for the doctor's appointment.

navigation programs and cancer programs function differently. It is not a one-size-fits-all program and needs to be tailored to meet the goals and needs of the program. One must first evaluate the goals and needs of a program before defining the roles of navigation.

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The Cancer Care Navigator Job Description

The patient and nurse navigator are starting to be seen as more than just a service. As your facility begins to draft job descriptions and begin the hiring process to add navigators to your cancer care teams, it is important to consider how you are defining the position and what tasks and functions you are incorporating into the navigator job description.

Nurse Navigators: The Role of Empathy and Compassion

A nurse navigator is a person who helps patients and staff. They help patients navigate through the treatment process by connecting them to resources and information. A nurse navigator can help the patient with their diagnosis and treatment.

The navigator helps equip their patient with information about other options that may not be available in their area. They can show a patient where to get a second opinion. The navigator records a patient's symptoms as a middle man between the patient and care team.

The navigator might notice a patient's swelling. They can let the nurse or the RN know what's wrong. When a patient feels distressed, they may reach out to the nurse for help.

If necessary, the nurse navigator can refer them to a social worker or counselor for more support. The significance of compassion or empathy as a nurse can be overstated. The same is true for nurse navigators.

A nurse can use empathy to meet a patient. Nurse navigators deal with a lot of patients from different walks of life, so empathizing with them is important. Nurse navigators salary is dependent on a number of factors.

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The difference between ONN and clinic nurses

An ONN who was a clinic nurse said that the key difference between the two roles was that ONNs asked patients about their concerns and problems at regular encounters, whereas clinic nurses would respond to incoming queries from patients for immediate problem solving.

Nurse Navigator: A Career in Healthcare

A nurse navigator is a healthcare professional who can help you navigate a treatment process. They assess patient needs. Nurse navigators answer questions during initial consultations.

The confidentiality of patient information is a priority for most nurses. Nurse navigators might need more awareness because of their interactions with people from different departments. Those working with social workers or other consultants outside of healthcare might stay vigilant to ensure patient privacy and safety when sharing records and details of a particular case.

A nurse navigator is a person who helps patients through treatment. Ensuring they accurately interpret medical information to patients and help them get the best treatment for their conditions. Nurse navigators are often used to represent their patient's best interests when searching for healthcare professionals.

After you have completed your education and gained experience, choose your specialty as a nurse navigator. You can get certified in your specialty to increase your chances of finding a job. You can advance to senior positions in the nursing field if you increase your knowledge and experience.

Nurse navigators can work in a variety of healthcare settings, from small clinics to large hospitals. They can work in emergency rooms or travel to patients' homes. Nurse navigators are often in critical care sectors.

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Networking with Nurse Navigators

Nurse navigators focus on the clinical aspects of care. They are involved from the point of a suspicious finding through diagnostic testing, treatment, and follow-up or end-of-life care. Talk with other nurse navigators in your area, network via nursing social media sites, and visit websites for the Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators to learn more about nurse navigation.

EPIC Nurse Navigator

If you are not an EPIC user, please consider an oncology nurse navigator consult. The forms and additional information are available through the guide.

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