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Published: 16 Feb 2019

ODPs: A team of highly trained professionals, Surgical Operations in the Hospital, ODPs in critical care, The Operations Department in a Manufacturing Company and more about operating department practitioner job. Get more data about operating department practitioner job for your career planning.

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ODPs: A team of highly trained professionals

ODPs use communication and management skills, prepare the environment, equipment and act as a link between the surgical team and other parts of the operating theatre and hospital. They must be able to respond effectively to the needs of the surgical team.

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Surgical Operations in the Hospital

You will be involved in the preparation of the operating theatres. You will be the link between the surgical team and other parts of the hospital. You can take a number of routes to further your career, including management, education and clinical research. You could also become a surgical care provider.

ODPs in critical care

ODPs work in operating theatres as part of a team that includes surgeons, anaesthesiologists, theatre nurses, healthcare assistants, theatre support staff and porters. ODPs are working in other critical careas of hospitals.

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The Operations Department in a Manufacturing Company

An operations department is usually there to attend to the administrative, logistical and other duties that are necessary for an organization's day-to-day functioning. An operations department, sometimes referred to as a back office, might be responsible for a variety of responsibilities depending on the nature of the organization. In every segment of the economy, operations departments exist in government entities, businesses, and other organizations.

The operations departments of banks are often responsible for internal accounting, compliance with government regulations, clearing services and legal matters. The operations department might be responsible for monitoring clients' accounts. Human resources management might be handled by the operations department in a financial services firm.

The operations department has little contact with clients. The operations department in a manufacturing company is responsible for all the support elements in a factory except the manufacturing process which is under the control of a plant manager or manufacturing director. The operations department in a factory is often responsible for a number of issues.

Operations Manager

Operations management is a field of business that deals with the administration of business practices to maximize efficiency. It involves planning, organizing, and overseeing the organization's processes to balance revenues and costs and achieve the highest possible operating profit. An operations manager is tasked with ensuring that the organization successfully converts inputs into outputs in an efficient manner.

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DipHE in Operating Department Practice Courses

ODP's work in sterile hospital areas in operating theatres, anesthetist areas and recovery rooms. They may work in other areas, such as intensive care units, accident and emergency, helicopter emergency medical services, maternity units, special care baby units, resuscitation teams, transplant teams, day surgery units and orthopaedic clinics. The areas are clean and well lit, but can be warm or cool.

The job requires standing for a long period of time. The DipHE in operating department practice courses are offered at universities and colleges. The approved courses are available on a two year, full time basis or part time for up to seven years, and can be found on the websites of the CODP and the HPC.

A safe and supportive operating theatre environment

Theatres provide a high quality, safe and supportive environment in order to care for patients within the unfamiliar environment of an operating theatre and to meet all their needs effectively and with sensitivity.

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Surgical ODPs: Experience and Opportunities

You may be able to progress to team leader or senior ODP with experience. You could also get into education, training and research. The Royal College of Surgeons has approved training for some ODPs to work as surgical care practitioners.

Anesthesia and Infections in a Health Care Department

You will have to evaluate the patients earlier than joining a surgical ward and analyzing the concern they received at every stage. You are likely to have training and mentoring in a department with an apprenticeship. You can give training to other health care professionals.

You will study areas like anesthesia, surgery, and infections in theDiploma. You will spend more than half of the course on clinical work assignments in operating theaters, intensive care units, accidents and emergency. If you are experienced, you can make progress as a senior ODP or team leader and get accountability for handling an operating theater unit.

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Postgraduate Training in Operating Department Practice

You have several options to progress your career in operating department practice. ODPs who have already completed training approved by the Royal College of Surgeons can take further training to work as surgical care practitioners or as anaesthesia associates. The training for both roles takes two years after which you can complete certain procedures under the supervision of a consultant surgeon or anaesthesiologist.

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