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Published: 16 May 2021

GOM: Fully Automated Optical Measurement Systems, Osmotic Metrology Engineer for HyperLight, Optical Design and Engineering at OSC, Experience in Machine Learning and more about optical metrology engineer job. Get more data about optical metrology engineer job for your career planning.

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GOM: Fully Automated Optical Measurement Systems

GOM is a company that develops and distributes optical measuring systems that are used for 3D coordinate measurements, 3D digitizing, and quality control. The company offers fully automated optical metrology solutions to a variety of industries. Measurement and inspection operations can go beyond just size and location, and cover form and fit, with the addition of optical sensors to stationary and portable coordinate measuring devices.

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Osmotic Metrology Engineer for HyperLight

HyperLight is looking for an osmotic Metrology Engineer to work with us to change the way we think about integrated photonic technologies. HyperLight is a startup company that was spun out of Harvard University and is focused on changing what is possible in modern optical telecommunication, sensor, and quantum technologies.

Optical Design and Engineering at OSC

The College of Optical Sciences is at the forefront of designing and fabrication of highly specialized optical equipment. The facilities and staff at OSC are state-of-the-art and include the best staff for grinding, polishing, measuring and aligning the world's most challenging mirrors. Students work side-by-side with experienced professionals on projects like the Giant Magellan Telescope, the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope and OSIRIS-REx, an uncannily named space probe that will launch in 2016 and land on an asteroid and return to Earth with a material sample.

John E. Greivenkamp is the head of the Aspheric Metrology Laboratory. Research interests include optical and visual systems, optical fabrication, optical system design, optical metrology systems, distance measurement systems, and optical electronic systems. Hong Hua's 3-D visualization and Imaging Systems Laboratory has a wide variety of optical technologies that enable advanced 3-D displays, 3-D visualization systems and collaborative virtual and augmented environments.

The 3DVIS Lab uses 3-D displays to better understand human visual perception and visual artifacts and investigates design principles for effective human- computer interface in augmented environments. Tom D. Milster's research aims to push the boundaries of optical science and engineering to produce the maximum amount of information from a given volume of space and time. "

His group designs, creates and fabricates computer-generated holograms, diffractive optical elements, phase structures and amplitude masks. They investigate hyper-numerical-aperture linear and nonlinear microscopy, where the NA is greater than 1.5 and evanescent waves provide resolution well beyond conventional microscope limits. They are interested in the development of freeform holography, with DOEs adding function and utility to 3-D structures.

The Optical Design Laboratory is led by Josť Sasin and is involved in research in optical design. The laboratory of Yuzuru Takashima constructs innovative optical devices through a wide spectrum of optical science and engineering techniques. Research topics include the design and fabrication of optical devices.

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Experience in Machine Learning

Experience in machine learning is a plus. Knowledgeable in the procedures of the SPC. JMP and R programming experience is something that is experienced.

High-resolution CDSEMs for 14nm technology

The high-resolution CD-SEM tool used for sampling is different from the optical one. The spot size of the electron beam used in the SEM is a representation of its resolution capabilities. The e-beam tools that are referred to as SEMs are capable of achieving sub- nanometer precision and are suitable for the RLSO methodology in 14nm technology.

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Optical metrology engineer for an Apple project

Service engineers in the field have a high level of knowledge of optical metrology systems. A team that is making a big difference in the future of Apple is looking for an optical engineer. A novel optical system that builds custom hardware and performs hands-on.

The Technical Marketing Engineer at AOM

AOM is going beyond being a company that delivers holograms to measure the world's most challenging freeform surfaces to one that also provides complete solutions that address customer metrology needs through their entire product life cycle, from design to prototyping to volume production. The Technical Marketing Engineer will be a key role in making high-accuracy, easy-to-use, affordable CGH metrology the gold standard in a sphere and freeform optical testing.

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