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Published: 18 Mar 2020

An Eye Technician Certification, Optometry Technicians, Optometric Technicians, An Interpersonal, Communication-oriented Technician with a Strong Interest in Glass Repairing, An Associate's Degree in Optometry and more about optometric technician job. Get more data about optometric technician job for your career planning.

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An Eye Technician Certification

If you would rather not spend a lot of time and money on medical school, but still want to work in the eye care industry, you can become an eye technician with training opportunities open to anyone with a high school diploma or GED. An eye doctor is one of three health professional certifications. Each job has its own responsibilities and requirements around the office.

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Optometry Technicians

Basic eye exams do not need to be done by the optometrist. Optometric technicians can screen for color blindness, test peripheral vision, and record intraocular pressure. The optometric technician gets the area ready for the exam before the doctor calls.

The actions may include putting charts or results of eye tests on the desk. Office flow operations may be assigned to optometric technicians. Responsibilities may include greeting visitors, answering phones, scheduling appointments, sorting mail, filing, inputting data into computer files, collecting payment, coding insurance claims, monitoring inventory, and maintaining the neatness of the waiting room.

Optometric Technicians

Optometric technicians help an orthodontist during eye exams and other procedures. You also have to take patient medical histories and conduct pre-tests before the exam. You can help patients with corrective glasses, maintain the practice's patient records system, and fix eyeglasses as an optometric tech.

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An Interpersonal, Communication-oriented Technician with a Strong Interest in Glass Repairing

An optometric technician performs a variety of tasks. An optometric technician performs administrative duties when assisting an eye doctor. An optometric technician works in a laboratory to create glasses.

An Associate's Degree in Optometry

An optometric technician is supposed to provide appropriate service for patients, especially those who take eye exams. You must acknowledge the patients for taking care of their visions. An optometric technician should respond to any concerns raised by the patients.

A technician needs to have a high school degree. If you are graduated from an associate's degree in a similar major, it is preferred. You will have an advantage if you have an optometric technician certification.

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Basic vision tests and exam rooms are some of the tasks that optometric technicians perform. They can help with making glasses in a laboratory. An optometric technician is responsible for greeting patients, preparing exam schedules and working with insurance companies.

The optometric technicians work under the supervision of the optometrist and they may work in a laboratory or be completely based in the laboratory. They work in a clean, well-lit optometrists' office, but could also work in eye care clinics or vision treatment facilities. The hours are usually full or part time.

An Overview of Optometric Assistant Jobs

An optometric assistant is called an ombometric assistant and they help with vision care centers. Customer service, clerical and technical aspects of the job are included. optometric assistants greet customers, answer questions and conduct follow-ups as part of the customer service component.

The clerical duties include documenting patient histories, scheduling appointments, and filing insurance claims. An optometric assistant is expected to have strong organizational and communication skills because of the multi-faceted job responsibilities. A good amount of precision is required for the job to be done well.

In private practices, optometric assistants find work in vision care centers. A higher salary is possible if optometric assistants train for a future job as optometric technician. The average time frame for an optometric assistant educational program is six months.

Students will be taught the essentials when it comes to visual acuity and Refractive errors. There are many lessons on contact lens, frame parts, frame types and more. Students learn about the eye, how to use optical equipment, and how to use contact lens procedures.

A formal education is not required to work as an optometric assistant. The optometric assistant is lumped in with all medical assistants according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That profession is also growing at a rapid pace.

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An Overview of the Optometric Assistant Position

An optometric assistant performs a number of duties to help the optometrist. The optometric assistant is an assistant who works with the eye doctor and can schedule appointments, answer telephones, and help with vision acuity tests. Organizational and communication skills are required for optometric assistant. You should show good attention to detail and a good knowledge of optical equipment.

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