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Published: 21 Aug 2021

Order Picker Jobs in China, An Overview of Order Picking Jobs, Filling Customer Orders, Order Picker: A Supply Chain and Logistics Professional and more about order filler picker job. Get more data about order filler picker job for your career planning.

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Order Picker Jobs in China

To get into the order picker career, you need a high school degree. To succeed on the job, you need physical strength, stamina, and attention to details.

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An Overview of Order Picking Jobs

Picker Packer is responsible for reading incoming orders and selecting the correct items from the warehouse shelves before staging them for delivery. Their duties include operating heavy machinery, updating inventory counts, and counting out the appropriate number of goods to fulfill and order. Order Pickers work in warehouses to facilitate the process of sending inventory to customers.

Their job is to quickly and efficiently get items from their place on the shelves to a truck or shipping container. Order Pickers have a good understanding of a warehouse layout. They can find the type of inventory they need by navigating to the correct aisle.

The Order Picker inspects goods and their containers for damage before packing them for shipping. An Order Picker makes an average of $13.78 per hour. The employer, years of experience, geographical location and salary expectations are some of the factors that affect it.

There are other benefits such as life insurance, disability insurance and employee discounts. Order Pickers and Inventory Clerks work in warehouses and distribution centers to manage stock, but Order Pickers work in warehouses to move the supply chain more efficiently. Pickers bring stock from one place to another during the filling of orders.

Incoming shipments are counted, placed in the correct location the shelves, and organized to maximize the use of warehouse space. Inventory clerks look for discrepancies between the number of items in the system and the actual count to identify errors. Order Pickers are focused and motivated.

Filling Customer Orders

Responsible for filling customer orders. Pick product from pick sheets or a computer. The person fills the order by getting merchandise from bins or shelves.

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Order Picker: A Supply Chain and Logistics Professional

Order Picker is a supply chain and logistics professional that fills customer orders and delivers them to the delivery dock in a way that meets company standards for safety, security and productivity.

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