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Published: 5 Feb 2019

The atmosphere of a hotel, Room Service Coordination, Limit Orders: A Tip for Maker-Taker Fee Schedule, The Ticket Takers of Large Events and more about order taker job. Get more data about order taker job for your career planning.

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The atmosphere of a hotel

It's nice to speak to a happy person the phone who is willing to help you with whatever you need. I stay in certain hotels over and over again because of the attitude of certain order takers.

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Room Service Coordination

You are responsible for co-ordinate all service requirements addressed to Room Service department, and for guest orders from room or pool area via phone or any other ordering devices.

Limit Orders: A Tip for Maker-Taker Fee Schedule

It makes sense to set limit orders that won't be placed immediately and wait to be matched with another buyer or seller's market or stop order. It's a tip. Limit orders are the only order type that doesn't prompt an immediate buy or sell.

A market order is created when a price is reached, and a stop order is created when a price is not reached. When facing a maker-taker fee schedule, a limit order can be used to sit on the order books and not fill immediately. Exchanges can charge maker-taker fees to make up for undesirable behavior.

They charge a premium for those who trade quickly. If you want to take it right now, you have to pay. If an order is partially matched immediately, you pay a taker fee.

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The Ticket Takers of Large Events

A ticket taker is an employee who works at the entrances of various events, such as concerts, plays or sporting events. The main job of the person is to make sure all customers have tickets. Customer service and administrative responsibilities may be added to the ticket takers duties.

The event arenas may have several seating sections, so ticket takers may have to read customer tickets and direct customers to the correct sections. The ticket takers are usually required to assist in customer seating, even though they are not usually responsible for showing customers to their seats. The ticket taker may also inform customers about the locations of the concession stands.

Since the arenas can hold hundreds of thousands of people, safety regulations are usually enforced by all employees. They need to know where the fire exits are so they can direct customers in case of emergencies. The ticket taker may have to make sure customers are not trying to enter with illegal items.

Training and Development

Training has to be a response to a need. Nothing will change if L&D continues to act as a course order taker. L&D needs to work with managers.

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Order Processing

Receive and process incoming orders for materials, merchandise, classified ads, or services. Handling complaints, as well as preparing contracts, and notifying customers of receipt, prices, shipping dates, and delays are some of the duties.

Order Takers: How to Be Aware

A salesperson who only collects orders but does not try to find new customers or persuade existing customers to increase their orders is called an order taker. It all depends on your sales goals and business environment, so be careful when you say you want an order getter. Order takers can be just the ticket in some situations. Order getters can sometimes come across as aggressive, which is not what you need in every situation.

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The Ordering Job of a Food Orderer

The main duty of an Order Taker is to greet customers and take food orders. The most important tasks for an Order Taker are taking guest's food and beverage orders, undertaking room services, processing payments for goods and services, and providing menu suggestions.

Customer Reception and Feedback

Customers are not expected to buy more products from the company. They are supposed to pass on customer orders and information to the company's relevant people. They are expected to be accurate.

They are expected to have information about when the order will be delivered. Customers should have answers to their delivery date enquires. Customers are being told to buy other products of the company besides the ones they are already buying, as orders takers are also being told.

Sales people visit the customer, but they mostly respond to customers requests. The more cost efficient telemarketing teams call customers and book their orders. Order getters want customers to buy the company's products.

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