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Published: 9 Jan 2019

The Hourly Wage for an Orthodontist in the United States, Stationary and Mobile Orthopaedic Technicians, An Orthopaedic Technician, An Orthodontist Residency and more about orthopedic technician job. Get more data about orthopedic technician job for your career planning.

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The Hourly Wage for an Orthodontist in the United States

The hourly wage for an orthodontist is. How much does an orthodontist make in the US? The average hourly wage for an orthodontist in the United States is $22 as of January 20, 2020, but the range is between $19 and $25.

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Stationary and Mobile Orthopaedic Technicians

Some orthopedic technicians will be in charge of carts that house cast and splint materials and other necessary applications for orthopedic care at larger hospitals. In other cases, a technician might be stationed in one location and patients arrive for service and leave after completion of care. Doctors often discover an orthopedic need midway into a medical process, so both mobile and stationary orthopedic technicians will be required to respond to requests.

An Orthopaedic Technician

An orthopedic technician is a medical professional that helps patients. The knowledge of the muscles, joints, and bones of the technicians is used to fit patients for casts and braces, teach patients to walk using crutches and walkers, and help patients recover from injuries and diseases of the muscles, joints, or bones. Updating patient records is one of the things the technicians do.

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An Orthodontist Residency

A high school degree is required to become an orthodontist. An aspiring professional who wants to work in the field of orthopedic technician can get an advantage by earning a certificate from a technical school or community college. How long does it take to become an orthopedic assistant?

The Orthotic Prosthetic Technician

The positive mold made by the orthotic Prosthetic Technician usually results in the best fit, function, cosmetics and workmanship. The technician will also repair and maintain the devices. The technicians must keep up with the latest fabrication techniques and properties.

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The National Health Service

Some of the technicians who work in the National Health Service work in private clinics and in companies that supply the service. In a hospital or clinic, you're likely to have contact with patients, but in a manufacturing company, you may not.

Media Salary for Orthopedic Technicians

The main role of the orthopedic technician is to help healthcare workers. They use technology to examine the bones. They removed the plaster casts that supported the bones.

They need to have good communication skills because they talk to the patients about how to take care of their bones, how to remove the cast, and other important information that patients need to know. They give patients recommendations on how to exercise. The media salary for orthopedic technicians in the year of 2011 is $37,325.

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The median salary of an orthodontist in the US

The median salary for an orthodontist in the US in 2011 was $62,250, which is higher than in other states, but it is still lower than in other countries.

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