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Published: 8 Feb 2019

Passenger Service: A Form of Inter-Airport Assistance, Passenger Service Assistants: A New Job Description, Customer Service Agents: Experience, Qualification and Background Check and more about passenger service agent job. Get more data about passenger service agent job for your career planning.

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Passenger Service: A Form of Inter-Airport Assistance

When issuing airline tickets, passenger service agents check if the flight they are issuing is available and then reserve seats and prepare itineraries. It is up to them to handle itinerary rebookings and cancellation. The passenger service agents are responsible for assisting with airport check-ins.

Before a client can board a flight, they must go through the ticket counter and have their documents checked by passenger service agents. Clients receive their boarding pass after that. At the end of check-in, passenger service agents process luggage and make sure it complies with the airline's restrictions.

Service agents charge additional fees if luggage exceeds weight limits. The next step is to attach luggage tags and have ramp agents place luggage on the correct flight. The passenger service agents are there to help passengers board flights.

They use a public address system to announce when boarding may start and they control entrance by accepting passengers based on seating arrangement and boarding pass verification. Passengers can approach passenger service agents for information about their flight and check-in procedures, to inquire about directions, or to request assistance with concerns such as lost luggage. Changes to flight details and complaints are announced by passenger service agents.

At the minimum, passenger service agents need a high school diploma or GED. They don't need a bachelor's degree to work in passenger service, but they can get a certificate or a diploma in a few months or a year. They usually go through on-the-job training for a month to learn about specific airport facilities.

Passenger Service Assistants: A New Job Description

A passenger service assistant checks passenger tickets, passports and other documents at the ticket or gate counter using airline computer equipment. They check baggage according to the airline's specifications. The PSA makes sure that luggage does not exceed a certain size, number or weight, and that additional charges are not required.

Passengers are helped to select their seats. They offer assistance to passengers using electronic kiosks. The PSA is responsible for deplaning and boarding passengers.

When planes are ready to board, PSAs use a system to tell passengers in the gate area when they can board the plane. The PSA checks the boarding pass of each passenger before they board. escort and board passengers with special needs, such as those in wheelchairs, are helped by PSAs.

As part of their regular duties, passenger service assistants provide all manner of information from the trivial to the very important. PSAs can help a passenger learn how to get wheelchair assistance or make a claim for lost luggage, for example. Important announcements about connecting flights, plane delays, changes in boarding times, and emergency weather information are communicated by them.

PSAs are available to answer questions from passengers about their transportation experience. The average annual salary for customer service representatives was $35,170 in 2016 and for passenger service assistants it was $17 an hour. As passenger service assistants gain experience, they can be promoted to passenger service manager and passenger service supervisor positions, and have a higher salary potential.

Customer Service Agents: Experience, Qualification and Background Check

It can be quite difficult to work as a customer service agent for an airline, as you have to deal with a lot of passengers and schedules, but it is worth it. Whether you are working on getting those planes out on time at the gate or dealing with customers at the ticket counter, there are some essential duties that you will likely perform at some point in your career. It is up to you to resolve customer complaints and problems, because as a customer service agent, it is almost a guarantee that you will hear them.

You might have a passenger who missed a connecting flight who needs new accommodations immediately, or you might have to give meal vouchers to passengers of a flight that has been canceled at the last minute. You must always maintain a professional and courteous attitude despite the stress. Major U.S. airlines require their agents to be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and have a valid driver's license.

Since you will have access to secure areas of the airport, you will need to pass an extensive background check. Past employment, residences and criminal history will be included in the background check. The ability to lift at least 70 pounds is one of the requirements.

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Check In Agents: Experience and Skills

Check In agents are responsible for accessing passengers during check in procedures. Skills like knowledge of airport operations, customer service, availability for work in shifts, and computer skills are included in most resume examples. To work for an airline, ticket agents need to have a high school degree or GED, a valid driver's license, and be able to lift up to 70 pounds. You must be authorized to work in the US.

Customer Assistance for a Flight Operator

Customer assistance is provided by passenger service agents. The duties of a passenger service agent include: implementing safety requirements, collaborating with airport staff, supervising cargo loading, managing baggage claims, selling tickets, answering to customer inquiries, completing check-in, maintaining databases, and coordinating the boarding of passengers. They are also responsible for helping passengers with special needs.

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