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Published: 19 Mar 2020

Outstanding Patient Account Representatives, Account Management at a Family Health Center, A Phone-Induced Career in Medical Accounting, A Position Description for a Patient Access Representative and more about patient accounts representative job. Get more data about patient accounts representative job for your career planning.

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Outstanding Patient Account Representatives

Patient account representatives are employed by doctors, hospitals, clinics, medical facilities, and medical billing firms to handle all matters pertaining to patient billing and medical insurance claims. They collect payments, create payment plans for patients, and work with medical insurance providers. To be successful as a patient account representative, you need to be detail-oriented and knowledgeable of medical terminology. An outstanding patient account representative should demonstrate exceptional communication skills and convince patients to settle their accounts in a timely manner.

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Account Management at a Family Health Center

Patient account representatives are employed at hospitals, medical facilities, and private businesses that help with patient financial responsibilities. They keep general patient information and financial data associated with diagnoses, treatments, payments and health insurance coverage. Account representatives do not make patient-related decisions about care, prescribe process claims, or address overdue accounts, but they do initiate collections when necessary.

The patient account representatives make sure all medical bills are paid. Account representatives need to be familiar with Medicaid and Medicare billing practices and electronic clearinghouse methods to accurately report claims and determine the financial responsibility of patients, according to the Erie Family Health Center in Chicago, Illinois. Account representatives must have strong administrative and mathematical skills so they can accurately calculate patient invoices and submit claims.

Account representatives must have strong strengths to recognize mathematical errors. Patient address changes, typing errors, medical coding mistakes, and insurance company shortcomings are some of the reasons why overdue accounts are possible. Or, they could be the result of patients not being able to pay for their care.

Account representatives have to follow up on past due accounts by contacting patients, medical facilities, doctors, lawyers and insurance agents. It is beneficial to have familiarity with accounting software and medical codes. Account representatives work as mediators to create payment plans that are acceptable to providers and affordable for patients when patients are unable to pay for their medical expenses.

They consider income, debt and other obligations when determining fair payment options. Account representatives oversee the payments to ensure patients pay on time and follow through with their new financial commitments. Account representatives submit delinquencies to collection agencies when patients refuse to meet contractual payment plan guidelines.

A Phone-Induced Career in Medical Accounting

Patient accounting representatives help patients with their accounts, help with billing issues and negotiate to collect debt when working for medical facilities or billing firms. Handling insurance claims, adjusting accounts, generating bills, creating payment plans and taking patients' payments are some of the duties that their duties include. If you're comfortable talking on the phone, using computer systems and negotiating, you may be able to enter the medical field.

It can be a good way to get into medical billing or office management. Processing payments and refunds, setting up payment plans, answering account questions, researching account issues and collecting debt are all part of a patient account representative job description. When a patient's account has an overdrawn balance, the patient account rep calls the patient to discuss the situation and if the insurance company will reimburse the account.

The patient account representative has other duties, such as printing bills and helping staff. Good phone skills help with working with patients. Resolving collections issues successfully requires being able to negotiate.

The patient account representatives do not need a degree and can complete on-the-job training. College courses in business or healthcare preferred by employers. Basic accounting, customer service, healthcare law, medical terminology and financial management courses are helpful.

Representatives can use technical courses to type quickly and accurately. The Certified Patient Account Specialist credential is offered by Medical-Dental-Hospital Business Associates, and some employers like to see a professional certification. Patient account representatives work at a lot of medical facilities.

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A Position Description for a Patient Access Representative

A patient access representative is an administrative assistant who helps patients get access to medical treatment facilities. The job description for a patient access representative will include recording datand communicating with the public.

The Patient Account Representative in the Emergency Department

The Patient Account Representative is responsible for follow-up on rejected claims, assist patients with account questions demonstrating caring and compassion, review accounts that have a balance in which the patient is responsible in order to determine collection status, and identify credits on accounts. The Patient Account Representative gets demographic, medical, and insurance information at the bedside of patients in the Emergency Department, and enters necessary information into computer records, as well as performing other clerical and record keeping tasks related to registration.

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The Patient Accounts Representative at the SUNY Surgeon General Hospital

The Patient Accounts Representative organizes claims for both in and out of the hospital. Reviews claim to make sure that the requirements for certain payers are met, follow up on billing, apply appropriate adjustments, and update accounts as necessary. A high school diploma is required for being a patient accounts representative.

Patient Account Representatives: A Healthcare Workforce

A patient account representative is a healthcare employee who works in hospitals. They usually process insurance claims, collect payments from patients, and resolve any problems that may occur during the payment process. They help patients with payment plans that fit their needs.

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The Patient Account Representative at the Hospital

When payments are involved, the patient account representatives are responsible for ensuring that the account is up to date. Their main job is to collect past due accounts. The skills highlighted on the resume of a Patient Account Representative include requesting and reviewing insurance claims and denials, organizing and sorting out disputed claim requests, and forwarding them to the appropriate department.

The resume of a patient account representative should include a high school degree and at least two years of experience in medical collections or claim processing. Provides accurate and thorough patient accounts. To provide support for various departments in order to achieve stated goals.

Certified Patient Account Representatives

Certified Patient Account Representatives are used for billing and payment issues. They calculate patient invoices and submit claims and payments. They work as a mediators to create payment plans that are acceptable to providers and affordable for patients.

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