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Published: 14 Aug 2021

Healthcare Patient Transport, How to Write a Job Description, The Job Description of a Patient Transporter in an Emergency Room, A Clinical Nurse Practitioner and more about patient transporter job. Get more data about patient transporter job for your career planning.

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Healthcare Patient Transport

Patient transporters are called upon to move things such as specimen, equipment, medical records, lab results, and mail to different places. Some people bring dead people to the mortuary. Patient transporters are expected to follow procedures and keep operations going.

They need to double-check information to make sure they are moving the correct person. They should inspect the patient, the transport device, and the environment for any problems during the journey, such as uncomfortableness, tight corners, or objects in the path. A high school degree is usually held by patient transporters.

New hires can expect training. Patient transporters may have to become certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Some patient transporters complete classes to get certified by the National Association of healthcare transport management.

The BLS has categorized patient transporters as a median annual salary of $26,690. The highest paid patient transporters make more than $40,000 a year. The highest median salaries for patient transporters in the US are in Hawaii, Minnesota, and California.

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How to Write a Job Description

One aspect of recruiting that you may find difficult is finding the right person for the job you are trying to fill, by sifting through thousands of resumes. An effective job description is needed in order to attract a certain type of professional. Learning how to write a good job description is important if you want to recruit the best professionals. You can refer to the sample Patient Transporter job description.

The Job Description of a Patient Transporter in an Emergency Room

Patients are often moved from the emergency room to the operating room when they travel from the admitting desk up to their rooms. They need a ride to the patient pick-up area when they go home. The hospital hallways could get crowded without patient transporters.

You can learn about the requirements and salary of the patient transporter job by looking at a detailed description. Patients are moved or equipment is moved most of the time by patient twinning, according to the health system. Transporters must identify patients to make sure they're taking the right patient for the right test and keep nursing personnel updated on their patient's comings and goings.

In some hospitals, a patient transporter job description will include cleaning and disinfecting equipment, as well as setting up certain types of equipment. Patient transporters often do physical work, pushing patients on stretchers or wheelchairs through hallways and through tight spaces. Some hospitals require that transporters can lift 25 pounds or more and have no physical conditions that would limit their ability to move patients and equipment.

Good communication and reading comprehension skills are important for patient transport, as well as the ability to put patients at ease and treat them in a professional manner. Patient transporters use personal digital assistants to help them keep patients moving in a timely manner. Patient transporter jobs are often related to orderlies.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that orderlies made a median wage of over $30,000 in 2019. The BLS predicts that hospital transporter jobs will grow at a rate of 5 percent through 2029. PayScale data shows that patient transporter hourly wages range from $9.80 to $16.26 in February of 2021.

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A Clinical Nurse Practitioner

Patient Transporter transports patients to and from their hospital rooms. Other responsibilities include retrieving medical records. A high school diploma is required for being a patient transporter.

Transport of patients with oxygen tanks, IV pumps and drips to the hospital

Transported patients to and from clinical, ancillary and support areas via wheelchair, stretcher or beds as requested to include transport of patients with oxygen tanks, IV pumps, drips and special equipment.

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A Job Description for a Patient Tsar

You should have a combination of hard and soft skills to be successful as a patient tsar, including a positive bedside manner, customer focus, communication skills, physical fitness, health care administration and patient safety.

A Novel Approach for the Patient Transfer in Critical Care

The patient should be protected from cold by the provision of suitable blankets. The baseline investigations should be done on the day of transfer to reflect the current condition of the patient. It can be used for short distances of about 80 km.

It can be used to transfer the patient to the receiving hospital. There is no need for additional ground transport. The space is more compact with interference of noise and vibration.

The accompanying person should have the necessary training and experience to care for patients in critical care and airway management. The provision of contacting the concerned physician by the transport team should be available if the physician is not available to transfer unstable patients. The patient transfer can be noisy due to various sources of noise.

The noise can interfere with the conversation between the doctor and the patient. Transfer is an important part of continuing care for a patient who may need additional care. Transfer should be initiated after carefully balancing the benefits and risks.

The patient transfer should be based on the concept of stabilization and shift, which means that the patient should be kept in the facility for a while. The transport personnel should be well-equipped to anticipate and manage any unforeseen issues that may arise during the transport process. The guidelines should be changed according to the infrastructure available in India.

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A Day in the Life of a Patient Transport Officer

You may never know what you are doing on a day to day basis as a Patient Transport Officer. One of the most appealing aspects of the job is that it varies from the last, making it enjoyable and rewarding.

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