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Published: 11 Aug 2021

The Personnel Officer in the Department of Natural Sciences, Human Resources Management, Specialisms in HR, Human Resources Specialists, Managing HR functions in the Council and more about personnel officer job. Get more data about personnel officer job for your career planning.

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The Personnel Officer in the Department of Natural Sciences

The Personnel Officer performs administrative functions and provides support to the training and development for employees and the recruiting, screening, and hiring of new staff in accordance with Department policies. The employee is reporting to a higher level.

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Human Resources Management

A dedicated personnel officer is able to network with all of the top prospects in their industry. To ensure that all company needs are being met, it is important to develop effective recruiting methods, work with company management to maintain proper staffing levels, and review human resources information. Specializes in retail and technology.

Specialisms in HR

generalists perform a broad range of duties or specialists focus on a particular area. Specialisms include employee relations, careers coaching, health and safety and headhunting. The HR areas of work section can be used to find out about all of the specialisms on offer.

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Human Resources Specialists

Human resources specialists help manage the department. They recruit, qualify, interview, and hire. Personnel specialists help with paperwork when a new employee is hired.

Personnel specialists can answer questions about policies and procedures. Others focus on strategic planning. Double-checking the correctness and completeness of all personnel documents is one of the primary responsibilities of a personnel specialist.

They make changes to personnel records when necessary. Personnel specialists make sure all forms are competed and that relevant information is included. Human resource managers often assign personnel specialists to do their work.

They give applicants information about the job, duties, and benefits. Personnel specialists interview applicants about their education and skills and screen for those with the best qualifications. Excellent customer service is an additional responsibility of personnel specialists.

They provide support to people. They can assist individuals with completing applications and beneficiary forms. Personnel specialists answer calls from customers and transfer calls to them.

Managing HR functions in the Council

Ideally you will have experience working in a personnel department, supporting managers in a wide range of HR activities and be able to demonstrate strong analytical and communication skills. To contribute to the development, promotion and evaluation of specific policies, procedures and strategies which recognise relevant legislation and best personnel practice in promoting the culture and aims of the Council.

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The Role of Human Resources Officers in a Company

HR officers are often responsible for recruitment and hiring, interviews, compliance regulation, and other critical employee relations. A company with a comprehensive human resources department is more likely to have a single HR officer fulfill all of their HR duties. HR officers play a crucial role in protecting the workplace and filling employee seats with qualified candidates that further a company's culture and mission.

Some HR officers are primarily responsible for corporate team-building and leadership activities, while others are more focused on employee hiring, benefits, and retention. The average salary of an HR officer is $73,541. The position sees the top 10% of earners making as much as $201,000 per year, and the lowest 10% making $44,000.

The pulse of a company must be continually monitored by HR officers. HR officers work in a defined human resources office at an employer's place of business. Employees must have regular access to the HR office and the officers inside to help address any questions, concerns with other employees, and inter- company opportunities.

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