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Published: 14 Mar 2020

The Navy's Petty Officer, The rank of a chief officer in the Indian Navy, A Marine Officer's Perspective on the Navy and more about petty officer job. Get more data about petty officer job for your career planning.

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The Navy's Petty Officer

The Navy's core is the non-commissioned officer, who is between the junior enlisted ranks and the officer corps. The ranks of the petty officer are divided into six different levels. The Chief Petty Officer designation includes the E-7 through E-9, and they are considered separately from the lower ranking officer.

A junior personnel is usually given a lot of direct supervision by a seaman. The main job of a 1st Class Petty Officer is to evaluate and prioritize jobs. The junior sailors are usually supervised by the Petty Officer 3s and the Petty Officer 2s, because they have their workday scheduled with meaningful activity.

The expert in the division is the Petty Officer 1. Junior officers do more routine tasks that require less experience than the more demanding ones, and they handle the more demanding aspects of the division work. Navy tradition requires a well-disciplined crew.

The first in the chain of command is usually the petty officers. Junior and senior petty officers are responsible for seeing that problems are solved at the lowest level, and that they are not taken to the next level. First Class Petty Officers can discipline their subordinates with military instruction or work.

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The rank of a chief officer in the Indian Navy

A non-commissioned officer in the Indian Navy is equivalent to a NATO rank of OR 6. They are the same as a sub inspector of police in the Indian Police Services or a sergeant in the Indian Army. A chief of naval operations is usually a chief of naval operations, as is the case in most Commonwealth naval vessels.

A leader with the ability to take charge of a group of personnel and take roles in the training and recruitment of new members of the Indian Navy can be a petty officer. The rate of a chief petty officer is below that of a junior officer. It is the equivalent of a sergeant in the Royal Marines, British Army and Royal Air Force.

A Marine Officer's Perspective on the Navy

A mechanic, lead security watch stander, and lead fire team member are all part of the team that has experience in the Navy. Being a naval officer, I was placed in a leadership position.

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Petty Officer Second Class: A Mariner's Perspective

A junior non-commissioned officer is called a Petty Officer Second Class. The duties listed on the resume are related to the post and include serving as a leader and technical experts, logging and filing classified documents, training and instructing subordinates and supporting units on submarine life support systems, and working with tenant commands. For 22 years, the company was owned and operated by a man.

Handled all customer service needs. The past 7 years have been spent as a professional mariner in the commercial sector. Attended classes about the marine industry.

The Chief Petty Officer's Guide

The Chief Petty Officer's Guide was updated in September of last year and is part of the USNI's Professional Reading series. It was written to complement and serve as a companion guide for the various professional development tools used by the military. The guide has been updated to include a variety of sources, anecdotes, leadership and management theories, resource links, and self-assessment guides. It is a great resource to help prepare those who will become Chiefs-in-Training for their future roles and responsibilities in the Navy.

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