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Published: 28 Aug 2021

Pharmacy Practice Regulations, State-Dependence of PIC Licensing Procedure, The absence period of Responsible Pharmacists in a pharmacy, Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program and more about pharmacy consultant job. Get more data about pharmacy consultant job for your career planning.

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Pharmacy Practice Regulations

Everyone in a pharmacy has a responsibility to keep patient files up to date, to make sure needed products are stocked, and to file required reports. Administrative duties can be more time consuming than patient care if you hold a supervisor position. To maintain and renew their licenses, pharmacy technicians have to take continuing education courses, keep up to date on drug approvals, product recalls and changes to medications, and comply with federal and state laws regulating pharmacy.

The last item is important. Each state and U.S. territory has its own pharmacy practice law. Learning about complying with practice regulations can be difficult if you are not a member of a pharmacy association.

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State-Dependence of PIC Licensing Procedure

Every state requires that the PIC be licensed to practice pharmacy in their state and that the pharmacist be licensed to practice in the same state.

The absence period of Responsible Pharmacists in a pharmacy

If there is more than one Responsible Pharmacist in charge of the pharmacy, the total period of absence for all the Responsible Pharmacists must not exceed two hours.

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Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program

Clinical pharmacists are trained in a number of different areas. They first complete an undergraduate degree in a related field such as chemistry, and then focus on a specific topic such asmolecular pharmacology or medicine. The person must have a bachelor's degree in order to apply to the doctor of pharmacy degree program.

Analytical skills in pharmaceutical business consulting

A pharmaceutical business consultant uses analytical skills to study business models. If a pharmaceutical company is unable to reach its sales target, the consultant needs to analyze the company's marketing strategies, detect the weaknesses and recommend corrective actions. The pharmaceutical business consultant needs strong communication skills to make effective business presentations and to maintain positive working relationships with clients and staff members.

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Consultant pharmacists: a resource for providing expert advice to nursing home residents

The consultant pharmacists are mostly used for reviewing drug regimen given to nursing home residents. They do not usually give medication, but do give expert advice to individuals and institutions, and also help with med pass audits, nursing unit inspections, and ensuring that their employer complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

Delivering a Healthier Wales: A Report on Consultant Pharmacists in the Welsh NHS

Over the last 10 years, consultant pharmacist roles have been in the health service. The English and Welsh Governments want to increase the number of Consultant Pharmacists in the health service. Consultant pharmacists have four main functions, which include expert practice, research, evaluation and service development, education, mentoring and overview of practice and professional leadership.

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Doctor of Pharmacy

A doctor of pharmacy is a specialized doctorate. Most programs require a bachelor's degree, and applicants must have completed post-secondary courses such as chemistry, biology and anatomy. The PCAT is a requirement for most pharmacy programs.

Review of Medication Regime by Consultant Pharmacist

Consultant pharmacists perform reviews on medication regimen to evaluate the appropriateness, safety, benefits, risks, and cost-effectiveness of therapy. The consultant pharmacist can provide alternate treatment options, as well as medication management guidance.

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