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Published: 3 Feb 2020

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Physical Therapy Assistants

Physical therapy aides are part of the physical therapy support teams. P.T. aides are hired to perform non medical tasks, such as cleaning treatment rooms and transporting patients to different areas of a health care facility. Physical therapy aides should not be confused with physical therapist assistants.

The educational requirements and job duties of the two occupations are vastly different. P.T. aides may not provide direct patient care if they are medically treating patients. P.T. aides are usually responsible for setting up equipment and maintaining a clean and functional area for treatments and exercises.

P.T. aides help patients move from one area to another. They handle clerical duties such as patient intake, coordinating with doctors' offices and documenting patients' responses during exercises. A high school degree is all that is needed to become a physical therapy aide.

It's not uncommon for people to work as P.T. aides while studying to be a physical therapy assistant. P.T. aides should have strong computer skills. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the job growth for physical therapy aides is more than four times the growth for all occupations.

The growth is due to an aging population with increased health care needs. Physical therapy aides spend a lot of time on their feet working with patients. In some cases, aides may need to help.

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Physical therapy is growing in popularity. Some patients who have been injured or have had surgery need physical therapists to help them recover. They help patients regain movement and manage pain a hospital or clinical setting.

They are licensed to practice therapy and treatment on patients and doing so often helps them regain their lives. Entry-level roles in the field of physical therapy are typically aides and assistants. Physical therapy aides and assistants have different responsibilities.

Depending on the state in which you reside, the role of an assistant can require a specific degree and certification. An aide can be hired without a college degree. A physical therapy aide is not a licensed doctor, but they still play a vital role in delivering quality care to patients.

They work behind the scenes, in hands on projects, and as the physical therapy coordinators. An organized physical therapy aide can make any physical therapy office run more smoothly. Some people like the perk of working in several areas of the facility or clinic.

It is not a clerical role, but it does combine responsibilities with some medical oriented tasks. It is a role that requires organizational skills and flexibility. The top ten percent of physical therapy aides earn close to $35,000 a year, while the average salary is almost $24,000.

A Job Description for a Physical Therapy Assistant

The job of physical therapy aide is crucial to the recovery of patients who are recovering from surgery, injuries, and illnesses, as they work with them to manage pain and regain movement at the clinic or in a hospital. The aide is usually required to have a degree, certification, and licensure to practice, but the assistant is not and may not be required to have a college degree. If you are hiring for a physical therapy aide job, you will need to create a detailed description of the role to be able to attract candidates you want.

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Salary Calculator for Physical Therapy Aides

Patients who are recovering from an injury or illness are helped by physical therapy aides. They are involved in the care of the patient but they often do other things related to the patient, such as clean-up of tools used in sessions. Physical therapy aides are usually required to have a high school degree or equivalent, but will receive on-the-job training.

Most facilities don't require certification for aides. If you're unsure about what salary is appropriate for a physical therapy aide, Indeed's Salary Calculator can help you find a pay range that's right for you. Depending on the requirements of the position, physical therapy aides wear some basic office attire such as slacks and shirts or traditional medical scrubs.

Outstanding Physical Therapy Aides

Physical therapy aides are people who help with physical therapy and physical therapy assistants. They help patients with limited mobility to get to treatment areas, and perform administrative duties. They may be employed in hospitals.

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Physical Therapy Aides

The Physical Therapist has direct supervision of the Physical Therapy Aide. They work in physical therapy offices and sometimes in larger hospitals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that careers as a Physical Therapy Aide or Assistant are expected to grow by 40 percent through the year.

The Physical Therapy Aide prepares treatment rooms for patients, and also prepares the patient for treatment, by ensuring necessary equipment and supplies are in place and ready to use. They often perform less complex treatments themselves while assisting a Physical Therapist. The Physical Therapy Aide will help the patient transition from treatment to the next phase of their life, which may include transportation or icing of the body.

Physical Therapy Aides help the physical therapy office by scheduling appointments, filing paperwork, responding to patient concerns and requests, fielding incoming phone calls and emails, and performing occasional organization and cleaning tasks. They replenish supplies regularly to make sure that there is no shortage of supplies. The Physical Therapist needs the help of the Physical Therapy Aide in completing patient paperwork, taking down their information, and guiding them through the completion of follow up paperwork.

They must keep patient files up to date and comply with confidentiality guidelines. Physical Therapy Aides are often more personable than anyone else and must be good at communicating with patients. They are able to juggle multiple priorities and maintain the general organization of the office.

Physical Therapist Assistants

Physical therapist aides and physical therapist assistants work under the supervision of their physical therapists. They help patients who are recovering from injuries and illnesses. Physical therapist assistants and aides work in hospitals or physical therapists' offices. As they set up equipment and care for patients, physical therapist assistants and aides are frequently on their feet.

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Sample Physical Therapy Aide Job Description

A great job description is a must have for hiring top talent. Recruiters and hiring managers have more to do than sort through applicants who don't hit the mark. A well-written posting can help you choose unqualified applicants or those who aren't enthusiastic about joining your team.

Spending time in the beginning to create a spot-on posting before applications begin pouring into your inbox will save hours of your time. A sample Physical Therapy Aide job description is a good place to start. You will be a crucial part of the physical therapy team by helping physical therapists present quality care to their patients.

You will work behind the scenes, and participate in hands-on projects. You are responsible for maintaining a clean and well-prepped treatment areand helping patients prepare for treatment. You may be expected to complete paperwork, maintain patient records and ensure essential items are available.

The sample Physical Therapy Aide job description is a great representation of a valuable posting that will help you attract the best performers to your business. Investing the time to write a good position description up front will result in a substantial return later when you supplement your team with the most current talent available. Any hiring managers who are having trouble figuring out what physical therapy aide job specifications to include have an easy solution to use.

They should talk to people at the company who work in physical therapy. People who worked as aides in the past can be reached by hiring managers. It is important to take your time in gathering essential information because it will make the application process go much more smoothly.

The Role of Physical Therapy and Exercise

The Role of Physical Therapy and Exercise will introduce learners to the benefits of physical therapy and exercise. The six weeks will include: Why physical activity and exercise are important, Exercise and Cardiovascular Disease, Exercise and Osteoporosis, Exercise and Cancer, Common Sports Injuries, Exercise and Arthritis.

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A license or certification is required for physical therapist assistants to enter the occupation. A high school diploma is required for physical therapist aides. Over the decade, there are about 23,800 openings for physical therapist assistants and aides.

Many openings are expected to be caused by the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or retire. Physical therapist aides and physical therapist assistants work under the supervision of their physical therapists. They help patients who are recovering from injuries and illnesses to regain their strength.

Physical therapist assistants treat patients through exercise, massage, and balance training under the direction and supervision of their physical therapists. They record patients progress and report the results of their treatment to the physical therapist. Physical therapist aides are supervised by their supervisor.

The tasks that physical therapist aides are allowed to do vary by state. They are usually responsible for keeping the treatment area clean and organized, preparing for each patient's therapy, and helping patients as needed in moving to or from a treatment area. In addition, aides do a lot of clerical tasks, such as ordering supplies, scheduling treatment sessions, and completing insurance forms.

Most physical therapist assistants and aides work full time. Many physical therapy offices and clinics have extended hours to accommodate patients. The Commission Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education accredited the program that the physical therapist assistants must have an associate's degree from.

Accreditation of Physical Therapist Assistants

Physical therapist aides and physical therapist assistants work under the supervision of their physical therapists. They help patients who are recovering from injuries and illnesses. Direct care of patients is done by physical therapist assistants.

Cleaning and setting up the treatment area are some of the tasks that physical therapist aides do. An associate's degree is required for physical therapist assistants to enter the profession. Physical therapist assistants are required in all states.

A high school diploma is required for physical therapist aides. All states require physical therapist assistants to have an associate's degree. The Commission Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education accredited more than 300 associate's degree programs for physical therapist assistants in 2015.

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Cover Letters for Physical Therapy Jobs

Physical therapists communicate with patients and their medical team. They must be able to clearly communicate how to perform an exercise, how to practice at home, and how family members can support the patient in their recovery. Strong communication skills are needed by physical therapists.

Patients who are in challenging positions are often worked with by physical therapists. They need to be able to empathise with their patients to gauge how they are feeling. Good empathizing skills of physical therapists can help them relate to their patients, make them feel cared for and motivate them to perform the treatments that will support their recovery.

A physical therapist's job is to create and implement treatment plans for each patient based on their specific condition and needs. They must perform patient evaluations, conduct physical therapy exams and develop treatment plans based on their findings. They must update treatment plans regularly.

Many physical therapists must perform several tasks at once, such as giving patients instructions on certain exercises, modifying patient posture and observing patient response to the exercise. They can help multiple patients at once and often with minimal supervision. Multitasking skills allow physical therapists to keep track of their work and prioritize their work to give their patients the care and attention they deserve.

Many therapists use technology in their practice, which is related to physical exercises and therapies. Physical therapists may use technology like perceptual and sensory evaluation technology, medical software, and rehabilitation robots. Physical therapists need to keep track of patient progress and make adjustments.

Online Physical Therapist Aide Program at Carrington College

They can work in hospitals, nursing care facilities, physicians' offices, and government settings. Some physical therapist aides work nights and weekends. There are differences between the roles of physical therapist aides and physical therapist assistants.

They may only be able to interact with patients by scheduling appointments and bringing them in and out of therapist areas. Physical therapists manage physical therapist assistants. A physical therapist aide is supervised by a physical therapist and may work with a physical therapist assistant.

The aging population and the increasing health needs of people as they mature are some of the reasons for the rise in job opportunities. Most of the population is likely to need physical therapy and rehabilitation services when they enter the stage where heart attacks and strokes are more common. Increased demand for physical therapist aides is a result of factors, including a rise in chronic and genetic health conditions.

The BLS reports that the top 10% of physical therapist aides earned more than $39,740.6 per year, while the median annual wage was $27,000. If you haven't completed general education, you can still get a physical therapist aide job if you do. If you never graduated high school, you will need to earn your GED before applying for physical therapist aide opportunities.

You can get an advantage over your peers by completing a certificate course in a physical therapy technology program. It is possible that you stand out to potential employers by earning a certificate in the field. You can't study physical therapy technology online at Carrington College.

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What is a Physical Therapist?

Physical therapists are not often seen. They don't get the attention that doctors and nurses give them. Why?

The impact they have is so great for those that they help. Someone with a chronic condition may be helped by a physical therapist to find ways to not spend their days in pain. The physical therapist job description should read, "miracle worker," but that wouldn't be giving them enough credit.

In a single year, over two million people were hospitalized due to an injury. In total, 28.6 million people were treated in emergency rooms for injuries, and tens of millions more saw their doctors. Mobility and physical function are affected by many of them.

Physical therapists help make it right when that happens. Physical therapy uses non-invasive approaches to improve physical function. Many people go to physical therapy after sustaining an injury that alters how they move, or if they suffer from chronic conditions that harm mobility.

Older people can improve their strength, coordination, and balance to live independently longer. What does a physical therapist do? They help patients through physical therapy.

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