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Author: Lisa
Published: 1 Mar 2019

Pipefitter Helpers: A Professional, Flexible and Accurate Workforce, Helpers of Pipelayers, Plumbing Companies: Where to Find the Best Plumbers, Apprentices in Pipefitting and more about pipefitter helper job. Get more data about pipefitter helper job for your career planning.

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Pipefitter Helpers: A Professional, Flexible and Accurate Workforce

A Pipefitter Helper is usually employed on a contractual basis and works under the supervision of a Pipefitter. They can work in many different places and are often on call for emergencies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the field of Pipefitters is expected to grow by 12 percent through the year of 2024, which is faster than the average.

The Pipefitter helpers load, transport, and unload materials and tools necessary for a project. They prepare the work area with all the necessary equipment. Installation is the most important part of the pipefitting process.

They use their knowledge of the project plans and their skills in relevant tools and equipment to assist the Pipefitter as they complete installation or maintenance tasks together. Pipefitter helpers are problem-solvers with great communication skills. They are able to provide assistance and take initiative.

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Helpers of Pipelayers

Plumbing, pipefitters, steamfitters, or pipelayers can be helped by helpers of pipelayers. The duties include using, supplying or holding materials or tools. They measure, cut, thread and assemble new pipe, placing it in the supports.

The helpers of pipelayers collect and transport materials and equipment to work site on a daily basis. They clean the shop, work area, and machines with solvent and rags. The helpers of pipelayers fill pipes with sand or resin to prevent distortion and hold pipes during bending and installation.

They can convert furnaces from wood, coal, or oil. The helpers of pipelayers mount brackets and hangers on walls and ceilings to hold pipes, and set sleeves or inserts to support them. They could disassemble and remove damaged or worn pipe.

Plumbing Companies: Where to Find the Best Plumbers

Plumbing companies can be found in hospitals, gas plants, oil refineries, building companies, heating and air ventilation companies, and construction firms. Depending on the project, work is done indoors and outdoors. Pipefitters will spend more time manipulating and creating the pipes than they will at the installation location.

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Apprentices in Pipefitting

Pipefitter helpers are trained to learn one of the five plumbing specialties. They help pipefitters install and monitor pressurized piping systems. A high school diploma is required for aspiring pipefitter helpers to complete a four-year apprenticeship program.

Plumbing helpers spend at least 144 hours studying applied physics, chemistry, drafting, mathematics, plumbing codes and safety regulations. The ability to work in cramped, noisy and hazardous environments is a must for successful pipefitter helpers. They need a diverse scientific background, manual dexterity, good vision and the ability to follow directions precisely.

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