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Author: Loyd
Published: 27 Oct 2021

The Presidents' Declaration, Postgraduate Chancellors, The First Presidents, A Model for College and University Leadership, The University of Finland, Adenauer and Erhard: a German politician in the park of Schaumburg and more about presidents & chancellors job. Get more data about presidents & chancellors job for your career planning.

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The Presidents' Declaration

The Presidents' Declaration was drafted in 1999 by Thomas Ehrlich, senior scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for the advancement of Teaching and president of Indiana University, and Elizabeth Hollander, executive director of Campus Compact, with input from a distinguished Presidents' Leadership Colloquium Committee composed of Derek Bok, president emeritus.

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Postgraduate Chancellors

Chancellors have a lot of research and administrative experience. Many colleges prefer people with a PhD in their field. Business colleges prefer people with a doctorate in business, while nursing colleges prefer people with a PhD in nursing.

The First Presidents

The federal government was only sketched out in a loose outline by the authors of the U.S. Constitution. They expected the first presidents to work out the details of the job. The first officeholders helped shape the way presidents make decisions, fight wars, work with Congress, and even entertain.

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A Model for College and University Leadership

A model. Higher education leaders can use crisis situations to reflect and understand themselves and their teams, students and institutions. A leader must inspire trust, safety, transparency, presence and inclusivity to set the tone for their institution and their community to look up to.

College and university leaders that are models communicate clearly and continuously to ensure the safety of everyone on campus and to set clear expectations, balancing reality with hope and empathy. They seek out commitment from the community by establishing and communicating goals. The interim president of Suffolk Community College publicly thanked the faculty and staff for maintaining a positive spirit and a helpful caring nature while they worked to overcome the challenges brought on by the Pandemic.

The University of Finland

The number of chancellors in the universities of Finns has declined over the years, and the highest official is the rector. The University of Helsinki and bo Akademi University are the only universities with chancellors. Queen's University and the University of Canada have principals instead of presidents because of their Scottish origins. The Royal Military College of Canada has a principal as well.

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Adenauer and Erhard: a German politician in the park of Schaumburg

Konrad Adenauer used to live in his private house near Bonn, while Ludwig Erhard built the Chancellor's bungalow in the park of Palais Schaumburg. The villa in Dahlem was acquired by the government as a pied-a-terre of the chancellors in West-Berlin. There was a man who lived there between 1999 and 2001.

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