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Published: 27 Jan 2020

Production Associates in the U.S, Production Assistants: What You Can Do to Impress, Can-Do Production Worker Bees, Process Associate: A Job Description and more about production associate job. Get more data about production associate job for your career planning.

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Production Associates in the U.S

Production associates don't have a lot of freedom during working hours, they work in a team unit and report to the product manager They don't have to work overtime unless the schedule demands it, and they work a standard 40-hour week. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics expects a 2 percent increase in jobs for Production, Planning, and Expediting Clerks, including Production Associates, with 8,890 jobs becoming open through the year 2024.

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Production Assistants: What You Can Do to Impress

A field PA is used to support the physical production. The PA's duties can change each day, but in general they are the support staff for the production team. An office PA is an entry level position in the production office of a film, television show or commercial.

An office PA is a part of the production team and handles paperwork, phone calls, and other tasks. Office PA's are often involved in supporting the writer's room. Your job is to support them, and their job is to keep the set safe and secure, to make sure union and employment guidelines are followed, and to ensure the production stays on track so everyone leaves on time.

You can help them out, but remember that your job is to support the production team. If the production manager asks you to help a department that already has their own PA, you might have to bail on them to go on a supply run. In areas with oil spots, sets will be on outdoor ranches.

It may rain, snow, or be windy, so your clothing should be able to deal with that. If you are the PA who will be taking coffee orders, you will need a pen and notebook. Production will be impressed if you bring your own.

Arrive fifteen minutes early to the production office, and there is a 90 percent chance you won't make it to set which increases your chance of being asked to not come to set at all. It is not personal. If the production asks you to pay for something out of your own pocket, stand up and say that you can't do that.

Can-Do Production Worker Bees

The worker bees of a film or television production are called PAs. They are given the task of doing many of the small jobs other crew members don't want to do. They learn about the production and meet many of the people involved in it.

PAs can work in a production company's office or on the set, assisting any of the departments. Your previous work experience may help determine where you end up. PAs can work long hours.

The hours of set-based PAs are more erratic because they are tied to the production schedule. Office-based PAs work 10 or 12 hours a day. If you can demonstrate the "can-do" attitude production companies are looking for, you can include it on your resume or in your interview.

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Process Associate: A Job Description

To be successful as a process associate, you need to have in-depth knowledge of mechanical processes, advanced technical skills, and a keen eye for detail. A Process Associate is the one who ensures the smooth running of the company's processes to improve production rates and reduce costs.

The Production Supervisor

You should coordinate with the production manager to make sure work orders are prioritized. Administrative duties such as preparing and maintaining accurate records of finished products should be done by you. You will be responsible for checking the machinery and equipment regularly.

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Aiming for the Future: An Efficient Production Worker

To be successful as a production worker you need to be able to work quickly and accurately. An outstanding production worker should be able to maintain production standards and work towards improving productivity.

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