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Published: 22 Feb 2019

Program Facilitators, Facilitating Meetings, Training Facilitation Resumes, Facilitating Processes in Group Discussion, Skills Development Facilitation Jobs in the 21st Century and more about program facilitator job. Get more data about program facilitator job for your career planning.

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Program Facilitators

A program facilitator is a person who helps organize and implement programs. Program facilitators are often found in a variety of industries, such as the municipal or corporation level, where they run sports and recreation events. As a program facilitator, you may have to schedule events, supervise activities, and contact instructors. A program facilitator must have a strong knowledge of the facility and be able to motivate and lead.

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Facilitating Meetings

The meeting manager starts out by setting the agenda, establishing ground rules and starting the discussion. The facilitator is active in the discussion, giving his own opinions, and disagreeing with other comments. The CEO and Managing Director of Leadership Strategies, Inc., Michael Wilkinson, is the author of the best-selling book "The Secrets of Facilitation", as well as the brand new "The Executive Guide to Facilitating Strategy."

Training Facilitation Resumes

The training facilitation is responsible for planning and designing team and individual courses, overseeing the maintenance of records of curriculum and materials, and gathering reports on the quality training form trainees, managers, and instructors. The training facilitation is responsible for ensuring that training programs are executed properly and at an accurate time, while also providing updates or reports to the upper management on the progress of programs. The training facilitation role requires candidates to have a Bachelor's degree in any field of study, and in some cases, also have a postgraduate degree.

If you have worked in a training role before and need to make a new resume, you can apply the duties in the training role description to the professional experience section of the resume. A professional or work experience section in your resume can be created by using the training facilitator duties and responsibilities above, and can make your resume more effective in getting you an interview with the recruiter. If you are a training facilitation consultant looking to hire, you will need to inform prospective candidates of the duties of the position in your organization.

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Facilitating Processes in Group Discussion

A process can be made easier or more efficient by the facilitation of a process. A person is helping people move through a process. They help the participants to realize their strengths and weaknesses by helping them to explore their inner self and learn from the experiences of others.

A group should have a person connecting with them. Building a relationship with a group requires trust and empathy. Finding common goals and interests, shared values and outlook are some of the things that need to be found in a relationship.

Skills Development Facilitation Jobs in the 21st Century

If you enjoy working with people, have strong facilitation skills, and want to work in a human resources profession, a skills development facilitation job is an ideal career choice. A job description for a facilitation involves helping employees reach their full potential. The duties of a training facilitator include creating informative and engaging training.

In the field of facilitation, an educational background and experience in training and development are needed. A job description for a facilitation center is about training modules and workshops that help employees learn essential skills. The duties of a training facilitator include assessing the skill level of employees, creating training materials, and delivering training programs.

A skills development facilitator has regular contact with senior leadership to determine the needs of the organization. Some skills are taught in a group setting. Delivery of training in a virtual format is included in a job description.

The work environment that a training facilitation needs to be in is one that focuses on working with people. A job description for a facilitation may include travel to a variety of work sites to deliver training and skills development workshops. 40 hours per week is the average for most of the jobs.

The job descriptions for the facilitator indicate working over 40 hours. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the skills development facilitator duties earned a median annual wage of $60,360 in the year of 2017: Professional, scientific, and technical services have higher reported wages.

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