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Published: 26 Mar 2020

A DPO Role in Corporate Data Security, Environmental Specialists, A Business Intelligence Expert, The Royalty Protection Branch, The Senior Social Protection Specialist (SSP): Technical Assistance and more about protection specialist job. Get more data about protection specialist job for your career planning.

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A DPO Role in Corporate Data Security

One of the requirements for compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation is having a DPO. A DPO is needed in organizations that are working with large-scale systematic monitoring. Corporate data protection measures are overseen by officers.

A specialist in the DPO role is in charge of determining whether corporate security is sufficient to meet compliance requirements and recommends security improvements. An in-depth understanding of data security and compliance is essential skills. A security specialist is responsible for keeping corporate data safe.

Security specialists maintain and upgrade systems to prevent data loss. IT specialists have many different specialty areas. An information security specialist will have a stronger focus on cloud, network, app, database, and device security in a specific environment.

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Environmental Specialists

Environmental specialists are experts who monitor the impact of a population the environment. Their main goal is to improve the environment. They work in power plants.

A Business Intelligence Expert

DPO should be a part of your organizational structure and report directly to the highest management level, with access to the company's data processing activities to ensure compliance, propagation of data protection measures and perform assigned duties independently. The DPO requirements can be different depending on the industry, workplace, and environment. You should look for a professional that has a certain level of expertise in data protection laws.

Understanding how your business works can help you. A lot of businesses need skilled DPOs. It is important for a Data Protection Officer to find an employer that will fit their needs.

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The Royalty Protection Branch

The royalty protection officers were attached to the "A" Division for administrative purposes. The Royalty Protection Branch was formed in 1978. The Parliamentary Estate and embassies are protected by PaDP. They provide protection for high-profile Government ministers and are responsible for access control and security at New Scotland Yard.

The Senior Social Protection Specialist (SSP): Technical Assistance

The social protection specialists will work in a technical assistance team. The position is being supervised by a Project Manager and has technical guidance from an international Senior Social Protection Specialist. The technical assistance team has a Research Officer, an M&E Officer, a Communication Officer, and a Training Officer.

National and international experts will be engaged as short-term consultants. The Senior Social Protection Specialist will assist the National Project Director in the planning and implementation of project delivery, as well as the Social Protection Specialists, who will have intimate knowledge on social protection and poverty reduction. The key role of their is to provide required capacity development services to the Cabinet Division and GED to ensure the roll-out of the National Social Security Strategy.

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Groundwater Protection Specialists

The health of local resources is examined by the Groundwater Protection Specialists. They come up with innovative strategies and solutions to help prevent, reduce, or eliminate pollutants that may be affecting the water supply. It is important for a Groundwater Protection Specialist to be aware of the laws and regulations that apply to the resources.

The specialists work in both laboratories and the field. Fieldwork often requires the specialist to be versatile, as they may find themselves in many different environments, ranging from industrial sites to more natural outdoor areas. The specialists must be prepared for adverse weather conditions and encounters with dangerous chemicals that come from sources other than the ground.

Consultants, private labs, and local governments are the top employers of Groundwater Protection Specialists. They work full-time, though some are hired during the season. Travel, night hours, or overtime are sometimes required for fieldwork.

The associate's degree in environmental science, public health, geology, hydrology, or other related field is required for Groundwater Protection Specialists. A Bachelor's Degree is the most in-depth interaction that positions will want. Natural sciences should be the focus of coursework.

Monitoring and Evaluation of the Protection Cluster Work

The protection specialist will provide oversight and build partnerships with key government, NGOs, civil society groups, private sector and relevant UN agencies to ensure effective delivery of all protection cluster activities. The new National Humanitarian analyst is a member of the eVAW team and will be coached by the Protection Specialist. The protection cluster has work to be monitored and evaluated. The UN Women M&E expert and I collaborated to create a framework for collecting and assessing data on the Protection Cluster work.

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An Overview of Career Opportunities for Assets Protection Specialist

A company's financial loss due to theft and fraud can be prevented by an assets protection specialist. They use a variety of tools to minimize losses. They interact with potential shoplifters, law enforcement and retail store employees, as well as store management.

Assets protection specialists support programs that deter retail store theft. You can complete high school and get a GED. Depending on the employer, you may be able to get a job as an assets protection specialist with as little as a high school or GED.

Determine if you want to pursue a degree. While they're not required, a certificate or diploma can increase your job prospects and help you gain useful knowledge for your career as an assets protection specialist. If you want to become an assets protection specialist, you should consider becoming a sales associate, cashier, security guard or officer.

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