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Published: 7 Mar 2020

Postgraduate Public Relations Degrees, Account Managers: A Post Graduate Career in Public Relations, Resume Examples for Account Executives, A Search for an Experienced Senior Account Executive in the Healthcare Sector and more about public relations senior account executive job. Get more data about public relations senior account executive job for your career planning.

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Postgraduate Public Relations Degrees

Public relations account executives usually work for PR agencies or integrated marketing consultancies. Depending on the agency, they work on b2b or b2c campaigns. PR account executives work within a wider team to influence public opinion and behavior for their clients, from writing press releases to running social media campaigns.

A relevant undergraduate degree is not essential. If you want to get a postgraduate degree or PR qualification, you can do it from the PRCA or the Institute of Public Relations. A qualification in a second language can be useful for positions with multinational companies.

It is important to have experience working in a PR agency, press office or fast-paced media environment. The amount of experience you need varies by agency. You can progress to an executive within six months if you are an intern or PR assistant.

A PR degree can lead to a junior account executive position in smaller agencies. Larger agencies tend to be more efficient and work on bigger accounts. The office hours are 9:00am - 5:00pm.

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Account Managers: A Post Graduate Career in Public Relations

Most of the public relations account executives are employed by PR agencies. PR account executives are employed by integrated marketing agencies or in-house PR departments of large commercial companies. PR account executives try to generate a buzz around their clients and promote the positive image of the company or individual they are representing across different media outlets.

If their client is launching a new product or service, or just wants to enhance their public profile, PR account executives aim to get them plenty of exposure across the internet, TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. You need to cultivate relationships with influential contacts in the press and broadcast media in order to implement a successful PR campaign. You will need to work with advertising agencies.

You will be responsible for managing the public perception of your clients, speaking on their behalf from time to time, and clarifying their positions on certain critical issues. You will occasionally be called on to take control of problems that arise from negative publicity. PR account executives who work in B2B or financial PR are paid more than their peers who work in fashion, retail or sports PR.

Senior executives with a reputation for excellence can work on a basis of their own choosing. Individual performance and expertise are important for internal promotion. Most people start out as a trainees and become executives within a year.

Resume Examples for Account Executives

The account executive in charge of public relation will be in charge of making the public aware of the new product in the most positive way possible if the organization acquires a new product. The professional experience segment of the resume is a good way to let employers know that you have the experience to do the job perfectly. If you want your resume to be more compelling, you need to highlight your skills and qualities in a skills section.

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A Search for an Experienced Senior Account Executive in the Healthcare Sector

Fearey is looking for an experienced Senior Account Executive to work with a team to deliver excellent account management services for a range of clients in the company's roster that includes health care, consumer, nonprofit, hospitality, legal and real estate industries. Candidates must be organized, detail oriented, enthusiastic, hungry and humble, and have good communication skills. The right person will have 3-6 years of relevant PR experience, including account management, media relations, social media and project management skills. Agency experience is required.

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