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Published: 1 May 2021

Personal Area Attendants at JC Resorts, The Public Area Attendant Position at a Marriott, The Public Areas Assistant Position, The Space Attendant at the St. Anthony Hotel and more about public space attendant job. Get more data about public space attendant job for your career planning.

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Personal Area Attendants at JC Resorts

The primary duty of personal area attendants is to keep public spaces clean and safe, according to job descriptions. They may be responsible for cleaning up messes, dusting, vacuuming, polishing, emptying ashtrays, wiping down surfaces and performing other housecleaning tasks. Public area attendants are able to greet customers, answer customer questions, and relay customer needs to their supervisor.

They store resources for the public area according to health and safety guidelines. Entry-level public area attendant jobs are available. They usually only need a high school degree.

Some employers will hire public areattendants who do not have a degree if they have relevant work experience. Training is done on the job. The job description for public area attendants from JC Resorts states that they need to be detail oriented and be able to spot safety risks and items that need to be cleaned.

They should be able to read and write English well enough to store chemical agents and converse with guests. A public area attendant should be comfortable working alone and be independent because of the freedom that can be gained. Public area attendants need to be very trustworthy.

Public area attendants may need to work indoors and outdoors. The environment is well lit and air-conditioned indoors. The public area attendant may be exposed to hazardous fumes and substances while cleaning.

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The Public Area Attendant Position at a Marriott

The public areattendant should be pleasant, honest, friendly and able to address guest requests and problems in order to promote a positive image of the property. The Public Area Attendant is responsible for guest service needs and cleaning in public areas and other locations. You need a high school certificate or a 1 year degree in hotel management to be a Public Area Attendant. Experience in financial accounting, personnel supervision and problem resolution is an advantage.

The Public Areas Assistant Position

Since public areattendance is a physically demanding job, applicants are expected to be fit to avoid injuries while on duty. The job description is for public areas attendant requirements. The description is likely to be different based on the hotel. Some application forms may ask for a clear picture of the expected wages and the negotiation range for applicants.

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The Space Attendant at the St. Anthony Hotel

The Space Attendant at the St. Anthony Hotel is responsible for maintaining high standards in all assigned lobby areas, public restrooms, special cleaning assignments and performing Room Attendant duties as necessary.

Public Area Attendants

Public area attendants are responsible for keeping the public spaces clean. They are concerned with customer service and perform various housekeeping tasks. Public areattendants are required to maintain a level of cleanliness in the housekeeping area, which includes removing dust, vacuum, polish, and empty ashtrays. They are responsible for greeting customers, answering their questions, andrelaying their needs to their supervisor.

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