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Published: 25 Feb 2019

Recreation Assistants: Qualification, Experience and Qualification, An Outstanding Recreation Assistant, Activity aides in recreation activities, Group Activities in Public, Private and Volunteer Agencies and more about recreation aide job. Get more data about recreation aide job for your career planning.

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Recreation Assistants: Qualification, Experience and Qualification

Recreation assistants are hired to help with daily activities at senior citizen centers, athletic clubs, physical therapy centers, youth camps and fitness organizations. A supervisor is responsible for delegate tasks related to sports, games, movies, crafts, music and other recreation. The recreation assistants are responsible for setting up equipment and cleaning up after an event.

A recreation assistant doesn't need a formal education. Some facilities hire high school students to work. A recreation assistant helps to enforce the rules.

A recreation assistant could teach children the rules for table tennis or referee a ball game. Recreation assistants should be comfortable working with both the elderly and youth populations and have good customer service, communication and public speaking skills. A patient and positive attitude makes it easier to give assistance to customers.

Entry-level positions are available, but employers often seek recreation assistants who have one to two years of experience. Education and experience are beneficial to the job, but an assistant's friendly personality, creativity, and responsibility level are highly valued by supervisors. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that most seasonal and part-time recreation workers learn through on-the-job training or specialized training in art, music, drama or athletics.

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An Outstanding Recreation Assistant

Recreation assistants are in charge of implementing recreational activities. They are responsible for setting up and leading activities, assisting participants with special needs, and maintaining recreational equipment. You should be able to create enjoyable activities to be successful as a recreation assistant. An outstanding recreation assistant should be patient, positive, and comfortable working with people of all ages.

Activity aides in recreation activities

The recreational activities leader or activities director may need aides to help them with equipment and supplies. Activities may include arts and crafts, outdoor activities, sports, music or drama. The assistant may make sure the safety of patients or participants in the activity.

Some positions require a bachelor's degree and experience in the field. Candidates with a degree in leisure studies or parks and recreation are qualified. The courses that activity aides take are geared towards the needs of the elderly.

Activity aides should be personable and energetic. The aide should be able to motivate others. The worker should be aware of the needs of each patient.

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Group Activities in Public, Private and Volunteer Agencies

Group activities can be done in public, private, or volunteer agencies. Taking into account the needs and interests of individual members, organize and promote activities such as arts and crafts, sports, games, music, dramatics, social recreation, camping, and hobbies.

Recreation Workers in the United States

Recreation workers help people stay active, improve their fitness and have fun. They work with groups in summer camps, fitness and recreational sports centers, nursing care facilities, nature parks and other settings. They may lead activities such as arts and crafts, sports, music, dramatics, or games.

Recreation leaders are responsible for the daily operation of the program. They primarily organize and direct participants, schedule the use of facilities, set up and keep records of equipment use, and ensure that recreation facilities and equipment are used and maintained properly. They can lead classes and teach in a recreational activity.

Camp counselors, activity specialists, and other recreation workers may work weekends or part-time or irregular hours. Depending on where they are employed and the type of activity they lead, seasonal workers can work as little as 90 days or as long as 9 months. In areas of the United States that have warm winters, outdoor swimming pools may use related recreation workers for a majority of the year.

They can only work during the summer in other areas of the country. Workers who gain experience may be promoted to positions with greater responsibilities. Recreation workers with managerial skills can advance to managerial positions.

They may start their own recreation company or become directors of a recreation department. The Holland Code framework states that recreation workers have an interest in Helping and Persuading. The Helping interest area is focused on helping, serving, counseling, or teaching other people.

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Recreation Workers in Volunteer Agencies

Recreation workers design and lead recreational and leisure activities for groups in volunteer agencies or recreation facilities, such as playground, parks, camps, aquatic centers, and senior centers. They can lead activities such as arts and crafts, dance, sports, adventure programs, music, and camping. Recreation workers are employed in a variety of settings, including recreation centers, parks, summer camps, and nursing and residential care facilities. Workers spend a lot of their time outdoors.

Physical Therapy Assistants

Physical therapy aides are part of the physical therapy support teams. P.T. aides are hired to perform non medical tasks, such as cleaning treatment rooms and transporting patients to different areas of a health care facility. Physical therapy aides should not be confused with physical therapist assistants.

The educational requirements and job duties of the two occupations are vastly different. P.T. aides may not provide direct patient care if they are medically treating patients. P.T. aides are usually responsible for setting up equipment and maintaining a clean and functional area for treatments and exercises.

P.T. aides help patients move from one area to another. They handle clerical duties such as patient intake, coordinating with doctors' offices and documenting patients' responses during exercises. A high school degree is all that is needed to become a physical therapy aide.

It's not uncommon for people to work as P.T. aides while studying to be a physical therapy assistant. P.T. aides should have strong computer skills. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the job growth for physical therapy aides is more than four times the growth for all occupations.

The growth is due to an aging population with increased health care needs. Physical therapy aides spend a lot of time on their feet working with patients. In some cases, aides may need to help.

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The GM-Center Open House

The person is responsible for performing duties related to the center. Assist the parks, recreation, and facilities management in providing general assistance. Customer activity registration and membership sales, answering phones, helping with event setup, and performing other general and routine administrative tasks are some of the tasks that greeters perform.

The Recreation Aide: A Post Graduate in the Field

The Recreation Aide is under general supervision and helps in the proper use of a community recreational facility and helps Recreation Leaders in providing a variety of recreation programs related to aquatics, preschool, playground, after school programs, parks, teens, sports, special events, and senior citizen activities. Sit at the desk for long periods of time, stand, walk, and bend while assisting with recreation activities, squat, climb, kneel, and twist when setting up various recreation programs, use hands and fingers to handle, and talk or hear in person, in meetings and by telephone. The employee is required to use written and oral communication skills while performing their duties.

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A four-year bachelor's degree with major study required for GS-5

A four-year course of study that leads to a bachelor's degree with major study or at least 24 semester hours in courses related to recreation or physical education is required for GS-5.

The Salaries of Recreation Workers

Recreation workers need a high school degree or equivalent and a few weeks of on-the-job training to be eligible for the job. Over the decade, 64,600 openings for recreation workers are projected. Many openings are expected to be caused by the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or retire.

The annual wage for recreation workers was over $30,000 in May 2020. Half of the workers in an occupation earn more than the median wage, and half earn less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $19,510, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $46,510.

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The Virginia Recreation and Park Society

The Virginia Recreation and Park Society was founded in 1953 and incorporated in 1956. The purpose of the organization is to unite professionals, students, and interested people in the field of recreation, parks, and other leisure services in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The members work together to improve the profession. The National Recreation and Park Association is affiliated with the VRPS.

The Specialized Recreation Supervisor

The position must be able to teach specialized recreation activities for groups of children or adults. The position must organize and plan recreation activities for groups in the area of specialization, and motivate them.

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