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Published: 1 Mar 2019

Client Service Associates, Building Strong Relationships for Client Associates, Client Services Associates: The Role of Compliance with Securities Regulations, Benefits Package for Highly Profitable Administrative Assistant and more about registered client associate job. Get more data about registered client associate job for your career planning.

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Client Service Associates

A client service associate works in the financial industry. Administrative duties and basic financial functions are performed by them, but their main job is to assist clients. They can answer client inquiries, set up meetings with clients and contact them with information about their accounts.

Client Service associates are often asked to maintain or access client accounts. They may even walk a client through the document itself to make sure they are aware of how to fill it out. They can help with the scanning and saving of documents, and they can access accounts to give clients updates on their transactions.

Administrative tasks that keep the financial group operating smoothly are carried out by the Client Service Associate. They can arrange meetings, book conference rooms, and do other things. Some Client Service associates may be called upon to assist with human resources tasks.

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Building Strong Relationships for Client Associates

Building strong relationships is important for client associates. They provide support for the client, answer questions and provide training. Customer and associates communicate with each other in person, on the phone and via e-mail.

They open new accounts for customers. Client associates stay in regular contact with their clients. Client associates explain account services and their capabilities, guiding clients to the products or services best suited to their needs.

Client Services Associates: The Role of Compliance with Securities Regulations

Financial securities, including stocks, bonds and commodities, are supported by client services associates. A client services associate prepares orders for buying and selling stocks and calculates the associated fees. Other duties include preparing forms and filing paperwork.

Investment advisers don't provide investment advice, but client services associates do. Investment firms have strict rules to protect their clients and ensure compliance with federal security exchange commission regulations, since there's a fine line between accepting client orders for securities transactions and providing investment advice. One example is that of the client services associates at the company who are required to register with the appropriate administrative bodies in the states in which they operate.

College courses in business and economics are typically required for associate's degree in client services The median salary for client services associates was over $50,000 in 2012 according to O*Net. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job growth to be 3 to 7 percent, which is slower than the national average.

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Benefits Package for Highly Profitable Administrative Assistant

Benefits packages for those who work for large firms are typically life and health insurance, as well as a retirement plan. Administrative assistants at small retail firms are often offered a lot of perks not offered to associates, but those who work for highly profitable firms may be offered a lot more.

A Sample Resume for a Client Service Associate

Sales associates in the financial industry are known as Client Service associates. A sample resume for a Client Service Associate has skills that include client development, database management, and assisting in managing multiple financial advisors. College courses in business or economics are usually required for a position as a Client Service Associate.

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How to Train Your Candidates

It is a good way to learn how the candidate will interact with your clients when they are hired.

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