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Published: 27 Feb 2020

Store Remodeling, A Retail Manager's Perspective on Remodeling a Walmart Store, The Construction and Real Estate Industry: Remodelers, Resume Examples for Remodeler and more about remodel associate job. Get more data about remodel associate job for your career planning.

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Store Remodeling

When management anticipates a needed change to the store's interior design or merchandise selections, a retail store may use remodel associates on a temporary basis. When a store changes its seasonal merchandise, it may hire new associates. Stores require that associates be at least 18 years of age, have legal employment status in the US and have the ability to carry out many physically demanding duties.

The associates must move items from one part of the store to another. The associate of the store remodeling plan handles the chores of removing old items and adding new items. If they are called on to carry the items physically, they may be allowed to use carts, dollies or other conveyances to and from the store floor.

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A Retail Manager's Perspective on Remodeling a Walmart Store

John Clarke, Walmart vice president of real estate, says that the biggest challenge to completing a store remodel is finding enough people to do the work. The store manager is usually the one who is under the most pressure. A store needs to hire up to 60 temporary associates in a couple of weeks to complete a 12-week remodeling. For someone who had been an associate for three years, completing remodels allowed her to understand the entire store quickly, instead of working her way around the store one department at a time.

The Construction and Real Estate Industry: Remodelers

Painting, installing plumbing fixtures, and general carpentry tasks are some of the work done by the Remodelers. Businesses in the construction and real estate industries hire remodelers as independent contractors and as full- and part-time employees for year-round and seasonal work. Independent contractors have the freedom to design their own schedules, and they work during daytime weekday hours.

When a home improvement worker is employed by a company, they are required to report to the job foreman when they travel to various sites to complete their job tasks. Depending on the property where they are working and the types of building and repair tasks they need to perform, daily responsibilities for remodelers vary greatly. The core duties that remodelers perform are the same regardless of whether they work for themselves or within a company.

The training that companies that hire remodelers provide varies by employer and individual. Those who have the skills and experience to perform remodeling work will train for less time than those who don't. The job foreman and senior members of the remodeling crew watch as remodelers work.

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Resume Examples for Remodeler

The renovation industry has many Remodelers who help their clients complete a variety of renovation jobs. Most Remodelers are carpenters who can perform a wide range of tasks, such as replacing windows, installing kitchen cabinets, creating wood structures, repairing roofs and floors, and collaborating with other skilled craftsmen. Skills such as carpentry and construction expertise, problem solving orientation, time management, teamwork, customer service, and creativity are highlighted in resume samples for remodeler. Employers choose the resume that shows the completion of an apprenticeship.

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