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Published: 12 Apr 2021

Research Associate Positions in Investment Bank and Asset Management, Research Associate Job Description, Research Assistants: How Research Assistant Jobs Can Grow and more about research associate job. Get more data about research associate job for your career planning.

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Research Associate Positions in Investment Bank and Asset Management

A research associate works in a research department of an investment bank or asset management firm to provide helpful data to the decision-makers who buy and sell securities. A research associate can plan, organize, and conduct research about industries, sectors, individual companies, markets, various investment vehicles, and economics. Investment banks have research departments that support their trading efforts.

A sell-side firm may have several research groups according to the company's different investment products. The research professionals at a firm give important information to the salesmen and traders that help them sell the financial products they sell. A firm's research often provides recommendations along with their rationale.

A key product of a research department is its written research, whether that is a formal published report or a written note to the trading desk. It's usually a combination of both and each format that plays a role in providing time-sensitive analysis that supports decision-making. If an equity research associate has been at the firm for at least one year, they might begin to conduct fundamental company analysis with the goal of generating actionable information from the data.

A research associate can become an expert in a specific area or be used as a generalist to cover a broad range of products. A research associate needs to be able to write well because the end product of the department is written research. The role requires a bachelor's degree in economics, business, or finance, as well as facility with numbers, and the ability to communicate large amounts of data effectively to others.

A research associate can move inside or outside an organization if they accumulate more experience. A seasoned research professional who does not aspire to become head of research could move to a marketing role or a different part of the firm. It's not uncommon for a research associate to prefer trading over research.

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Research Associate Job Description

Research associates help companies with their research. They gather data, design tests and help ensure that information is recorded and assessed. They may do administrative duties as well.

Research Assistants: How Research Assistant Jobs Can Grow

Research assistants help professionals conduct research and gather information. Medical research centers, think tanks, consulting firms, public interest groups, colleges, polling organizations, and market research firms are common employers. The type of research setting they work in will affect their duties.

Research assistants work under the supervision of their primary researchers. They are responsible for assisting the main researcher in a number of tasks. Depending on the type of research being done and the field that they're in, those tasks vary.

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Postgraduate Research Experience in Pharmaceutical Industry

A postgraduate qualification can be useful when applying for a job. There are a few Masters degree and diploma courses that include clinical research. It is worth checking postgraduate study routes with potential employers if you want to gain entry and promotion to a relevant PhD.

Postgraduate study is usually for people with an upper second class honours degree. Some organizations run training programs to help new graduates get into research. The schemes combine classroom teaching with practical experience.

The employer may offer a full-time post to the trainees after they have completed their training period. Career progression involves moving up to jobs that involve the design and management of trials. Experience can be built up by working for a variety of pharmaceutical companies.

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