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Published: 21 Jun 2021

Field Right-of Way Agents: A Resource for Land Acquisition and Legal Property Research, Obstruction to a Public Right of Way, The Conservation Law in Oklahoma's Stephenson County and more about right of way specialist job. Get more data about right of way specialist job for your career planning.

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A field right-of-way agent is a land professional with legal expertise. Third parties, both private and governmental, engage field right-of-way agents to assist with land acquisition and legal aspects of a variety of projects. The agent is a liaison between the various groups.

Property law is a complex area of federal, state, and local statutes. In the absence of a field right-of-way agent, construction crews attempt to deal with legal issues in the field. Problems and delays can be caused by not having the required expertise in property rights negotiations.

Most agents have a degree in two or four years. They earn an entry-level certificate after one year of training. The agent needs to work and train for three to five years to get a professional right-of-way certification.

Those with five to ten years of experience can get senior professional certifications. There are agents needed in many industries. There is a need for field right-of-way agents to help with property use rights, research land lease agreements, and complete transfers of deed and titles in the following industries:

The field right-of-way agent is the subject matter expert in property law and is responsible for managing interactions, documents, and data. The field right-of-way agent is the person to contact if you have questions about legal land issues. Field right-of-way agents thoroughly review legal property descriptions.

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Obstruction to a Public Right of Way

It is a criminal offense to obstruct a public right of way. The highway authority can demand that you remove obstruction. The highway authority can remove the obstruction and recover the cost from you.

The Conservation Law in Oklahoma's Stephenson County

The land owner is responsible for maintaining the right-of-way. If the land is damaged, users of the property must restore it to its original state. Responsible parties should know how to maintain their access-land how to avoid the harmful effects of soil erosion.

The Commissioners of Oklahoma's Stephens County took action to protect against erosion. They helped the land owner and the county clear ditches and trees in an effort to reduce siltation and erosion of the right-of-way. A right-of-way is a part of private land designated for use by a public utility.

The USA's rivers are considered public rights-of-way. The most common right-of-way is roads. Land owners who own roads on their properties have a responsibility to keep the roads clear of debris and obstructions as far as the boundaries of the right-of-way extend.

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The right of way

The right of way is a preference of one of two vehicles or vessels, or between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian, asserting the right of passage at the same place and time. It is not an absolute right since the possessor of the right of way is not free from her duty to care for her own and others.

The Law of Towpaths

You have a legal right to pass and repass along the way. You can stop to rest or admire the view if you stay on the path and do not cause an obstruction. You can also take a baby with you.

Towpaths, paths across land owned by the National Trust and the Forestry Commission, which have a policy of providing access, are available for public use, but may not be rights of the land. Most paths become rights of way because the owner gives them to the public. The law assumes that if the public uses a path without interference for a period of time, then the owner will dedicate it as a right of way.

Some highway authorities may assign some of their responsibilities. District councils may take over path maintenance duties from county councils. The power to maintain paths is held by the parish and community councils.

The authority of the national park can sometimes take over some of the responsibilities for the rights of way. The highway authorities have a duty to protect the rights of the public to use and enjoy the paths. They are responsible for maintaining the path and keeping it free of overgrowth.

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A statutory right of way

A statutory right of way is a right of way created in favor of a prescribed authority, such as a company, or a government. A right of way in gross does not have a dominant tenement. A right of way affecting land that does not have a Link Conveyance must be entered with a Noting.

The tenements that are dominant are Old System land. There is a Bk.

A Right-of Way through a Home Buyer's Land

Home buyers don't realize the land they're buying with their home is not theirs until the middle of the deal. They are startled to learn that they have to allow their neighbors to share part of their land or that the local utility company has the right to dig a pipe in their back yard. You would assume that you are buying the land around your home, front yard, back yard and driveway.

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The Role of Right Of Way Agents in Infrastructure Project Management

Infrastructure companies that use right of way agents include transportation, electricity, oil, gas, and other utilities. They ensure legal compliance of all proposed projects by securing land rights, permits, and licenses. Right of way agents must be detail oriented and skilled in their negotiations, as it relates to their industry.

Entry to the field can be accomplished with an associate's degree or years of experience, if you have a bachelor's degree. Right of way agents use mapping software to understand what property will be affected by a construction project, such as laying an oil line or building a road. They determine the ownership of the properties by looking at public records.

A positive relationship with property owners is crucial to moving a project along smoothly. Right of way agents explain the project to the affected property owner and then answer any questions they have. Right of way agents research the property's value before making an offer.

The responsibility of a right of way agent is to make sure that a project complies with local and state laws. They coordinate consultations with local officials, inspectors, and assessors to determine which permits and licenses they need, then organize and deliver all the required documents for obtaining such permits. The right of way agent is still working.

They inspect the site to make sure the project is in compliance with the laws and permits. Right of way agents receive claims from property owners if a project causes damage. Right of way agents use their knowledge of the property to assess the legitimacy of the claim and then offer a settlement for the damages.

Right of Way agent is the one who prepares the organization's need for additional land or office space. Researches, negotiates and chooses to purchase a lease of land or a right of way for construction that will meet the organization's goals. Being a Right of Way agent handles all land related legal issues, including transfers of titles and deed, construction, mortgage concerns, and zoning.

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Resume Examples for Right Of Way Agents

Right of Way agents are hired by gas and oil companies to find additional land space. The duties listed on a Right Of Way agent resume include conducting research, handling legal issues, and preparing resolutions. There are resume samples for right.

Skills highlighted by Of Way Agent include land agreements experience, negotiation, strong communication skills, attention to details, legal knowledge, and time management. Most Right Of Way agents have a Bachelor's Degree in a related field and have years of experience in the field. Right of way issues for gas, electric, and transmission lines, and relocation projects within 50,000 square miles of power lines, are the focus of the work that the project managers are engaged in.

How to block a right of way

Can a neighbour block a right of way? If you don't enter onto the land of a 3rd party, you can use a reasonable alternative path. If you believe you are entitled to use a right of way which has been interfered with, you can take legal action against your neighbour.

A right of way is a type of easement. Right of way is usually agreed upon by adjoining owners. A right of way can be granted to allow an individual to cross one property in order to reach another property, or to allow for a more convenient point of access.

What are the rights of way? There are interests in real property that are notpossessory. An easement is the right to use another person's property for a specific purpose.

The holder of a rights-of-way can travel over another person's property. The opposite is true, with a right of way over your neighbour's land. The case law shows that failure to use a right does not lead to its loss.

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The Senior Specialist Position in Property Appraisal

The candidate will need a bachelor's degree and at least three years of real estate or electrical utility experience. The ideal candidate will need to be licensed to appraise property in one or more relevant states, including farm, commercial and industrial tracts. An advanced degree such as a degree from a business school is preferred. A candidate with a preferred degree, appropriate license or combination of both may be considered for the Senior Specialist position.

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