Roadway Design Engineer Job Description


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Published: 28 Mar 2019

The Road Design Engineer (RDE), Traffic Engineering, Civil Engineers and more about roadway design engineer job. Get more data about roadway design engineer job for your career planning.

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The Road Design Engineer (RDE)

The Road Design Engineer will provide the Project with quality engineering design services and advice for rehabilitation, renovation and construction of assigned projects. The Road Design Engineer will have to travel throughout the country to audit construction to ensure the interests of the client are followed by the regional teams.

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Traffic Engineering

One of the more challenging roles of traffic engineers is to fix traffic problems on existing roads. In some cases, the traffic volume for roads grows dramatically from the time of their inception, or new adjacent roads or shopping centers can change the way a road is used. The design of the road may no longer match the use of it. Traffic engineers plan to change roads and traffic signals to better serve motorists and to reflect the changes in traffic patterns that have developed over the years.

Civil Engineers

What is a civil engineer? A civil engineer is someone who applies scientific knowledge to improve infrastructure and common utilities that meet basic human needs. Civil engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering and dates back to when people first started living in permanent settlements and began shaping their environments to suit their needs.

As populations grew and larger groups of people began living together in towns and cities, there was an increasing need for reliable sources of clean water, the means to dispose of waste, a network of streets and roadways for commerce and trade, and a way for people to defend themselves against hostile neighbors. Civil engineers were called upon to build walls, roads, bridges, dams, and levees. Civil engineers do more than build.

They work in the industry of designing jetliners. They can be found in the automotive industry, calculating the load-carrying capacity of a Chassis and improving the crash resistance of bumpers and doors. They are part of the ship building industry, the power industry, and multiple other industries.

They use design and construction techniques to strengthen buildings. They perform simulation and failure mode analysis to design structural elements that can survive earthquakes without major structural damage. When investigating and planning any construction, sustainable practices must be considered.

They work for mining and petroleum companies and have a broad skill set that includes economic and project management. They have knowledge of building codes and regulations. They use their in-depth understanding of materials and their properties to pick the most appropriate ones for each project.

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