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Published: 27 Jul 2021

The Room Attendant's Role in the Hotel / Suite Design, Room Attendants at the Tallman Hotel, A Job Description for a Hotel Room Attendant and more about room attendant job. Get more data about room attendant job for your career planning.

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The Room Attendant's Role in the Hotel / Suite Design

The room attendants are responsible for maintaining the rooms and providing a pleasant experience for guests. They make sure that all rooms are clean and inviting.

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Room Attendants at the Tallman Hotel

The majority of a room attendant's job is to clean the hotel rooms from top to bottom during a guest's stay and in preparation for the next guest. According to HCareers, attendants start cleaning at the furthest end of the room and move toward the door. They clean all surfaces and replace bed linens before going to the bathroom to clean the shower, bathtub and toilets.

The attendant usually vacuums after finishing the bathroom. The attendants or the housekeepers are usually associated with cleaning but they also interact with guests. The Grande Rockies Resort says that attendants should always be polite and professional with customers and fellow employees, and that they should be an example to the rest of the staff.

A hotel serves guests from all over the world and it is a plus if they speak more than one language. Hotel room attendants need a lot of strength. The Tallman Hotel says that its attendants can be on their feet for up to five hours and have to push or pull loads of up to 75 pounds.

A Job Description for a Hotel Room Attendant

The attendant may perform a number of cleaning tasks, including vacuuming the floor and carpets, dusting the surfaces and items on the bedside table and desk, emptying the garbage cans, cleaning the fridge, wiping down the mirrors and windows, and cleaning the coffeemaker and microwave. If you are an employer in the process of hiring for a hotel room attendant job, you will need to make and publish a description of the job so that prospective applicants can know the duties and responsibilities of the role they will be expected to perform.

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The Hotel Rooms

The hotel room attendants prepare the hotel room's bed for the guest. The attendant must clean the bedding and pillow cases to make them presentable. The hotel chains replace the covers between guests. Hotel room attendants change a guest's bedding before he arrives, and many make his bed daily during his stay.

Room Attendant Jobs in Tourism

The exception of prior experience is what makes a room attendant job a good one. It is suitable for anyone looking for a second job or just a few hours work in the morning, because it is often part-time. The tourism sector has a lot of jobs opportunities and always has high demand for personnel. A room attendant job can be seen as a way of gaining hotel work experience that can lead to other jobs in the sector.

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The Room Service Supervisor at the Hilton

The supervisor will be reporting directly to you. You will be responsible for the hotel's upkeep. You will be cleaning the hallways, dining area and banquet halls in addition to cleaning the guest rooms.

You should be prepared to provide necessary services to guests while adhering to hotel policies and procedures. Excellent room service is what you are tasked with providing to guests. You should be ready to work in shifts.

Room Attendant: A Responsible Function for the Management of a Guest Room

The Room Attendant is responsible for maintaining the highest level of guest satisfaction in the assigned guest rooms, and for achieving standards of cleanliness in the rooms.

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Room Attendant Skills

There are some skills that are required of a room attendant. A person must have a firm understanding of how to clean a room, including making a bed neatly and crisp. A room attendant should have a good knowledge of cleaning and other skills, but also have good communication skills, good physical strength, and good time management skills.

A strong stomach is all of the above. Room attendants see things that make people sick. Not everyone is cut out for a job like house cleaning.

Room Attendant: A Job Description

The job of a room attendant is to maintain the hotel's guest room and service areas in a clean and sanitary manner.

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Room Attendants in Hotels

In a small hotel, attendants can work alone or with colleagues. They may share the work with a team in a large hotel, with their own quota of rooms to prepare and clean. In luxury hotels, attendants can arrange flowers for guests when they arrive, and then arrange the room in the evening with curtains, lights and a sound system.

The job of respecting guests' privacy is important. Attendants need to be careful not to disturb guests in their rooms and not to move their possessions when cleaning. In a small hotel, attendants may report to the hotel manager or owner.

They report to the floor maid in a larger hotel. Room attendants have to work on weekends and public holidays when they have to start preparing rooms early in the morning. Many hotels have shift systems that involve working late in the evening.

The attendants are often carrying heavy loads of linen or carrying a vacuum cleaner or trolley full of cleaning equipment. Cleaning and preparing a room can take a lot of bending and stretching, and attendants may have a whole floor of rooms to cover. Room attendants are employed by hotels.

They may work for a cleaning company. There are more vacancies than applicants in many areas. Training is usually done under the guidance of a more experienced room attendant or hotel worker.

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