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Published: 7 Feb 2021

Seasonal Sales Associates in a Retail Store, Extensions of Seasonal Employment, Seasonal Professionals at Retail Employers, Seasonal Retail Associate at Lowe's and more about seasonal associate job. Get more data about seasonal associate job for your career planning.

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Seasonal Sales Associates in a Retail Store

Seasonal sales associates are required in some stores to join the retail team during the holiday season. They are responsible for making the store fun and engaging.

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Extensions of Seasonal Employment

If seasonal employment is extended in a particular year beyond its usual duration, the employee will still be considered a seasonal employee. A ski instructor who works seven months in a year because of a long or heavy snow season is not normally employed for six months. If an employer hires a group of employees who are considered to be seasonal, but then considers the season to be eight months, they are not seasonal employees for purposes of the provisions. They are regular full-time or part-time employees, depending on their hours of service at the time of hire.

Seasonal Professionals at Retail Employers

The job specifications are dependent on the company that a seasonal professional works for. Remuneration and benefits are not standard for each job. The hours are determined by the company.

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Seasonal Retail Associate at Lowe's

As a Seasonal Retail Associate, you will focus on providing Lowe's customers with the products and knowledge they need to accomplish their home improvement goals. You can use your customer service skills and problem-solving to ensure every customer looks forward to their next visit to Lowe's, whether you're a cashier or sales floor worker. Whether someone is a returning customer or visiting Lowe's for the first time, they all have their home-improvement goal in mind and they expect an excellent customer experience that helps them achieve that goal. Store associates must listen to and learn from customers in order to encourage them to return.

Labor Laws and Health Conditions in Tobacco Production

Tobacco plants and the demand for seasonal labor are affected by the heat of summer in the South. The task of cultivating and harvesting tobacco is still labor-intensive despite advances in farming. Despite advances in workers' rights, the industry's laborers suffer from a lack of legal protections and a variety of job-related health conditions.

The harvest season from July to September is when there are job opportunities. Dark tobacco requires hands-on harvesting and consumes about 300 man-hours of labor per acre of production, according to the Center for Tobacco Grower Research. The demand for more seasonal labor was caused by the trend toward larger farms.

Almost half of flue-cured tobacco growers rely on temporary labor, as do almost a third of dark-tobacco growers. Most industries have federal labor protections for seasonal tobacco workers. Legal Aid of North Carolina says that the federal government does not provide any way forming a union or enforcing a labor contract.

Large farms are required to pay the minimum wage. The 2005 National Agricultural Workers Survey shows that the average annual income for a farm worker with a family of four is $16,000. Employers don't have to pay overtime for farm work.

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The Sales Associate: A Role of the Customer Service Representative

Sales associates greet customers on arrival and help them with any questions they have about the purchase. They help the customer with returns, refunds, and other issues. The sales associate is the public face of the company and is responsible for dealing with any and all customer questions.

A sales associate is expected to keep up with the company's products, services and policies. The duties of a sales associate may be different from company to company. Sales associates help customers find the right products and services by assessing their needs.

Employment Law Questions for Seasonal Employees

Out of work employees can earn money for holiday gift giving or pay down bills with seasonal jobs. Regular employees can earn a second income as a seasonal employee if they work on evenings and weekends. There are laws and regulations for different types of workers.

If you believe you've been denied rights, you should speak to your supervisor. If that doesn't work, you may need to meet with an attorney. Discuss your employment questions with a skilled employment law attorney near you.

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Seasonal Associate Positions in Retail and Landscape Management

A Seasonal Associate is a temporary role that supports business operations during peak seasons. Their duties may include manual labour, material handling, and stocking shelves. Seasonal associates are hired to increase their workforce during peak work periods.

Retail stores may hire Seasonal associates to deal with a higher volume of customers during the winter holiday season. The core team has seasonal associates who help with tasks like stocking shelves. A landscaping business may hire Seasonal Associates to keep up with customer demand for grass cutting and other landscaping projects.

A Seasonal Associate is someone who is eager to work and has a positive attitude. They can adapt to different situations quickly. The ideal candidate has a can-do mentality and is able to assist the company during busy season.

A Seasonal Associate comes to work with the desire to learn quickly and become proficient in their tasks, regardless of the specific working environment. The hierarchy is dependent on the position, company and organizational structure. They report to the Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, or Department Supervisor.

Seasonal Sales Associate: A Job Description

A seasonal sales associate works in a retail store during a specific season. They may operate in other industries with a large amount of visitors or clients, such as amusement parks, eateries, or vacation places. They are responsible for general or clerical work and should give outstanding customer service.

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Amazon Seasonal Sortation Associate Position Description

An Amazon seasonal sortation associate is responsible for ensuring that customers on the site enjoy a vast selection, good prices, and fast delivery. The seasonal sortation associate is a person who works in a fast-paced warehouse environment and is around moving machinery and vehicles. The skills and qualities required to succeed as a seasonal sortation associate include warehouse work experience and ability to operate a forklift. The ideal candidate for seasonal sortation associate should have at least a high school diploma or GED, however a degree is not required.

Seasonal Jobs in Business

A seasonal job could be ideal for a number of reasons. Maybe you are a teacher looking to make extra money over the summer or a student who wants to work retail during winter break. A seasonal job could be a good solution.

Seasonal jobs are short-term work for people. Seasonal employment can be used to facilitate busy times such as holiday seasons, wedding season, summer or spring. Flexible work arrangements and increases income are some of the benefits seasonal jobs offer.

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