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Published: 27 Mar 2019

Shipping and Receiving Clerks in a Manufacturing Plant, Shipping and Receiving Clerks: How Do They Get Their Job?, Shipping Clerks, BR Williams: A powerful system for real-time critical data and more about shipping and receiving job. Get more data about shipping and receiving job for your career planning.

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Shipping and Receiving Clerks in a Manufacturing Plant

According to O*NET OnLine, 80% of the shipping and receiving clerks surveyed reported holding a high school diploma, while 10% reported earning less than a high school diploma. Most people who had earned a certification after high school did not. Before a shipment is shipped, a shipping and receiving clerk must inspect the contents of the shipment to make sure it matches the items and address on the order.

They may prepare documents before the shipment, such as shipping orders or bills of lading. They may be able to pack, seal, and label the merchandise for distribution. Production and expediting clerks are in charge of the flow of information and work.

They keep track of production problems in manufacturing plants and set workers schedules. The clerks keep track of outgoing and incoming shipments. Clerks review shipment orders to make sure they are processed correctly.

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Shipping and Receiving Clerks: How Do They Get Their Job?

Shipping and receiving clerks process goods. They are tasked with seeing outgoing packages through from start to finish and monitoring their progress throughout the journey. They know how to pack and ship items correctly, and they want to send customers their items quickly.

They make sure the items they receive are in good condition. Shipping and receiving clerks keep records for their employers and keep inventory figures up-to-date. Shipping and Receiving Clerks work in warehouses and offices and are valuable in a variety of industries.

grocery wholesalers may depend on them to ship food to stores and to order and receive packing material needed to prepare such deliveries Shipping and Receiving Clerks are on their feet most of the day because shipments go through various stages. Being able to move around easily and maintain a good level of fitness is important to performance.

Workers who thrive on consistency and structure may enjoy being Shipping and Receiving Clerks. BLS says that 87 percent of Shipping and Receiving Clerks graduated from high school. 40 percent of Shipping and Receiving Clerks have some college experience, with 15 percent holding an associate's degree or higher.

Entry level positions for shipping and receiving clerks are usually willing to train motivated applicants. Shipping and receiving clerks who are seasoned are often responsible for getting new hires up to speed. Shipping and Receiving Clerks have a median annual salary of $32,180.

Shipping Clerks

The work environment and schedule of a shipping clerk might be different because almost all industries require warehouses. Some people have to work in offices where they can do things like calculate freight costs and draft reports. The physical toil of warehouse work is not the only thing receiving clerks have to be great at.

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BR Williams: A powerful system for real-time critical data

BR Williams uses a powerful shipping and receiving system that gives clients real time access to the most critical data needed to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time.

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