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Published: 16 Aug 2021

Technical Director Positions in Production and Distribution, 3D Concept Artists, Technical Riders, Game Artists: Graphic Design for Video Games, 3D Artists: Salary Structure and Profit-Sharing Opportunities and more about technical artist job. Get more data about technical artist job for your career planning.

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Technical Director Positions in Production and Distribution

A technical director is usually responsible for the creation and delivery of the company's product to the marketplace by managing technical risks and opportunities, making key software design and implementation decisions with the development teams, scheduling of tasks including tracking dependencies, managing change requests, and guaranteeing quality. The tour manager may hire a local crew, rent equipment, and work with the local crew in the venue that hosts the production. Technical directors work on productions that are broadcast live or recorded on video tape. Television productions that are shot on film do not use the camera cuts and effects that are realized in post production.

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3D Concept Artists

The style and look of a game is controlled by concept artists. They are the first to draw the environments. The sketches are used to help 3D artists, producers, programmers and publishers understand how the game will look.

The concept artist drawings are the starting point for all the artwork and are an important part of the marketing plans. Concept artists usually have experience in other roles in the art department. There are many jobs for 3D modelling artist, environment artist or texturing artist in the games company.

Technical Riders

Your Technical Rider is there to answer questions that could take up a lot of time at a soundcheck. How many microphones are needed, where all the instruments are located, and what kinds of instruments will be used are some of the questions that need to be answered. It is important for bands and artists to present themselves as professionals when booking shows.

It will save a lot of time and confusion if everyone has an up-to-date technical rider. If you're a small band with no instruments or equipment, your Technical Rider will most likely cover the equipment that you're using on stage. Your Technical Rider will start to include any FOH mixing consoles that you bring with you, your preferred lighting set-up and anything else you need to put on the best show.

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Game Artists: Graphic Design for Video Games

Some video games try to look realistic while others try to look more stylized. The game artist is responsible for creating the characters and objects. Games artists are graphic designers who work with video games.

They imagine what items will look like, sketch out preliminary designs, develop sketches into forms that fit the game's feel, and turn the chosen sketches into computer graphics. The game artists are responsible for creating art assets within the game. They can also create artwork for websites.

Some of them specialize in the design of human figures and characters, others in buildings and landscapes, and some in 3D objects. They must listen to feedback from the testers and keep in mind the technical capabilities of the platform that the game will be played on. Concept Artists use pen and paper instead of computer software to sketch out their ideas for the game worlds, characters, objects, vehicles, furniture, clothing, etc.

Their concept helps shape the look of the game. The lighting artists are the equivalent of the director of photography in the film world. They place all the lights in the game levels to make the world more realistic and help create the mood.

3D Artists: Salary Structure and Profit-Sharing Opportunities

3D artists make a median annual salary of over $50,000. The highest paid 3D artists make close to $86,000 a year. Depending on the company, bonus structures and profit-sharing opportunities can be found and could amount to as much as $10,000.

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The Art of the Bohemian

Artists have many different roles, but they all share the same goal: to create art. Art that is beautiful, art that is political, art that is accessible, art that challenges, art that is expression, and art that is cryptic. The classical artist was a labourer in the Ancient World.

Artists, sculptors and craftsman were labeled as artisans. They would inherit the trade from their father. Technical excellence was practised by artisans, but there was no formal training.

Artists have realized that art can have a significant role in shaping history. They have given up on the idea of descriptive art and found a more profound meaning. Revolutionary artists have seen the potential in using art to progress.

The bohemian lifestyle is in favor of art. The Romantics are also popular with the bohemians. They believe that emotions are the ultimate truth, there is no distinction between art and life, and they focus on individual expression and creativity.

The crux of their life is art, and it is as important as religion for some people. If revolutionary artists are political radicals, then bohemian artists are social radicals. They change how people think by accessing their emotions.

Make-Up Artists

Performers have to have their make-up and hair done by a make-up artist before they can perform. Make-Up Artists can work on film, live music, photo shoots, television and theatre. Their work involves creating characters through make-up, hair and makeup.

Academic qualifications are not always important. It is possible to become a make-up artist without a degree. Make-Up Artists often complete training to gain experience.

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Technical Artists

The technical artist is a new concept in the game industry and is a link between the artists and the programmers working on a game. They are a mixture of the two. The role of technical artist is becoming more important as consoles and PC hardware become more complicated.

A technical artist works with the lead artist and the creative director. Their responsibilities include setting up and maintaining the production of art, deciding which art packages and tools a studio should use, investigating new techniques, and implementing them. Technical artists work for companies that only produce video games.

Technical Artists in Video Game Development

Video game development teams use technical artists to create visually appealing games. They use both artistic and coding skills to create games. If you work as a technical artist, you can develop the experience you need to become an artistic director game developer.

If you're interested in a rewarding career in video game development, becoming a technical artist might be the perfect choice for you. A technical artist uses their knowledge of programming and art to integrate an artist's or animator's visual content into a video game. They may design systems that allow artists to create environments and characters.

The programmers can focus on more complex coding if a technical artist imports graphic elements into the game machine. They might work with the game's art director lead artist to make sure the game's visual components look right. The technical artist makes sure that the game's plot matches the visual theme.

A technical artist is often a link between artists, animators and programmers at the beginning of a game's development. They meet with team leads and other stakeholders to discuss the game's storyline. They may give a style guide that the art director lead artist writes that describes the colors, texture and other visual elements of the game.

They plan the game development process, assign tasks to specific teams and agree on deadlines for art and code. Technical artists and environmental artists work together to create video game environments that function in a way that matches the artistic vision of the game. They help to define how the game's physics work to ensure that the characters interact with their environment consistently, which can improve the user experience.

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Technical Art: Tools for the Artists

Technical Art has many roles. Technical Artists have a wide range of skills from studio to studio. Tools for the artists in their teams are the most common task.

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