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Author: Lisa
Published: 9 Mar 2019

A Top-Performance Telecommunications Technician, Telecommunications Technician Training at NACTEL, Experience with the Installation, Maintenance and Operation of a Large Telecom Cable Plant and more about telecommunications technician job. Get more data about telecommunications technician job for your career planning.

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A Top-Performance Telecommunications Technician

Telecommunications technicians are responsible for repairing, installing, modifying, and upgrading companies' telecommunications systems. They identify technical faults through diagnostic testing, and ensure that there are no exposed cables. To be successful as a telecommunications technician, you need to be detail oriented and knowledgeable. A top-performing telecommunications technician should be able to interpret technical manuals and schematic designs, demonstrating exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills.

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Telecommunications Technician Training at NACTEL

Telecommunications technicians keep current systems running smoothly. They are tasked with making the necessary changes when the need arises. Telecommunications technicians can plan and implement systems that fit users needs.

Telecommunications technicians must be up to date on the latest technologies and practices to offer their customers the best system possible. The Communications Workers of America is a union that represents over one million workers in fields such as telecommunications and IT. Their membership in the telecommunication industry is 300,000 strong and they have a lot of information about the industry.

Experience with the Installation, Maintenance and Operation of a Large Telecom Cable Plant

A high school degree or equivalent is required, an Associate's degree or completion of college courses equivalent to an Associate's degree is preferred. Experience: Four years of experience with installation or management of a large and sophisticated telecom cable plant is required for those with a high school diploma or equivalent.

Two years of related work experience is required with the Associate's degree or college courses equivalent to an Associate's degree with an emphasis in Telecommunications or Electronics. Communication system analysis, repair skills and other skills are required. Knowledge of theories and techniques involved in the operation and use of telecommunications equipment is required.

The ability to use and operate a personal computer, basic cable tester, and other tools and equipment used in the installation, maintenance, and operation of telecommunications systems is required. Communication and Interpersonal skills are required. The ability to interact with all levels of management is required.

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Telecommunications Technician Job Description: A Guide for Designing Effective Communications Systems

You will be tasked with establishing and designing communications systems. You will work in the telecommunications department with both customers and others. You will have to report to the senior telecommunications technician.

The hiring process can be lengthy. If you don't create a Telecommunications Technician job description that attracts top talent and deters those who aren't right for the job, you'll find yourself sorting through hundreds of resumes. Make sure you include the right elements and follow the do and don't tips to create something that is informative.

Telecommunications Technician III: A Field-Specific Engineer

Telecommunications Technician III works on telecommunications equipment. Provides reports, completes requests for new service, and determines methodology for installing telephone service. Being a Telecommunications Technician III can determine the appropriateness of equipment changes and modifications.

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Computer Software Systems for Business Applications

The role of telecommunications technicians is getting more involved in the installation, customisation and maintenance of computer software systems that drive modern telephone and data systems as the growth of digital telephony with business clients.

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