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Published: 17 Apr 2021

Telephone Triage Nurses: Career Opportunities and Education, Telephone triage nurses: a new challenge for the telephone industry, Telephone Triage Nurses, A Telephone Triage Nurse and more about telephone triage nurse job. Get more data about telephone triage nurse job for your career planning.

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Telephone Triage Nurses: Career Opportunities and Education

A telephone triage nurse is a registered nurse who assesses problems over the phone. Some nurses only work in call centers, but other nurses include telephone triage as one of their tasks. Telephone triage can happen in emergency rooms, doctors offices and clinics.

Good clinical judgement, listening, critical thinking and assessment skills are required for filling the responsibilities of a triage nurse. A phone triage nurse job description states that one of the primary functions is to determine if a patient needs medical care and what kind of care. The role is usually that of an advice nurse.

The nurse will sometimes direct the patient to the correct place. The nurse might decide that the patient can wait until the next day when the doctor has an opening, or bring the patient in immediately if his symptoms indicate that he needs to be seen. Telephone nurses provide patient education.

According to Johnson and Johnson Nursing, triage nurse qualifications require graduating from an accredited two- or four-year nursing school, passing the NCLEX-RN, and earning an ambulatory care certificate. According to Indeed, the average salary of a triage nurse was $64,078 per year as of May 2021. The nurses who work on the telephone averaged over 78,000 per year.

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Telephone triage nurses: a new challenge for the telephone industry

To become a telephone triage nurse, you need to earn a 2-year ADN or 4-year BSN degree. Employers are increasingly preferring the degree of the student. Once you have finished your nursing degree, you need to pass the NCLEX-RN exam to become a registered nurse.

Gaining some clinical experience in the field is the final step before becoming a certifiied. In order to practice, telephone triage nurses need to have active and unrestricted licenses. They should have some experience in a clinical setting in order to be eligible for the certification offered by the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing.

The National Certification Corporation certified telephone triage nurses. Professionals in telephone triage nursing who are looking for certification are advised to get it through the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing. The field of Telehealth and Telemedicine is going to expand in the years to come with the development of new technological advancements.

Telephone Triage Nurses

Nurse practitioners who offer verified telehealth treatment, telephone triage nurses provide information and assessments to patients virtually. Telephone triage nurses are the result of technology and healthcare working together to reach patients. Telephone triage nurses use live video teleconferencing to provide the same consultation that in-person nurses can.

Telephone triage nurses are fully licensed and fully accredited, who provide the same insight into a patient's symptoms and outlook that clients would otherwise receive in a hospital, nursing clinic, or other medical settings. The role of a telephone triage nurse is one of the top work-from- home nursing positions available today, and it saves employers time and money, while allowing patients to connect remotely with expert medical professionals for advice and direction. A nurse will use live video conferencing technology to connect with her clients via new communication method.

Telephone triage nurses allow for remote connections on a patient's schedule, instead of asking individuals to drive to medical offices, sit in waiting rooms, and fill out paperwork. A telephone triage nurse does not work in an emergency room. They often serve as a gateway, assessing basic patient needs before their in-person visit with a nurse begins.

A telephone triage nurse is usually responsible for referring remote patients to the right room for in-person treatment, unlike a triage nurse who is usually responsible for organizing emergency room procedures. Telephone triage nurses must register at least 2,000 hours of nursing experience in clinicals and have at least one year of education. Clinicals offer hands-on training to allow students to experience a safe environment in the classroom.

A career as a telephone triage nurse can be achieved if you complete 2,000 hours of in-field nursing training. The exact compensation of a telephone triage nurse will be determined by factors such as location, years of experience, and education. The average salary of a telephone triage nurse is over $60,000.

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A Telephone Triage Nurse

A nurse who works on the phone helps call-in patients in two ways. They can perform an initial evaluation over the phone to determine what kind of care they need. They help the patient in receiving care by scheduling an appointment with the right doctor, or making arrangements for them to be taken to a hospital or doctor's office.

When a trip to the hospital is not necessary, the nurse can give tips for self-care or arrange for a home health aid to be dispatched to the patient. The job description for a telephone nurse involves patient assessments. The telephone triage nurse takes all of the patient's personal information when they call in.

Telephone Nurses: Salary, Compensation and Benefit

A telephone nurse can work for a doctor practice after hours, fielding questions and concerns and determining if an office visit is required. Tele-health nurses are employed by insurance companies and hospitals to assess patient concerns and provide home care advice over the phone. The range of patient's is dependent on the employer and specialty.

A telephone nurse should get the same salary as a hands-on nurse with the same experience and training. Some candidates may benefit from flexible hours and reduced mobility requirements. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Registered Nurses had a median income of $70,000-73,000 in 2011.

The salary of a telephone nurse will be based on their education, experience and background. The schedule for a telephone nurse varies depending on the location. A nurse working for a doctor's office may work after hours or overnight, while an insurance company worker may work a more regular schedule.

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A telephone triage nurse can only communicate with the patient by phone, so they don't have touch the patient to assess them. The nurse helps the client by determining the level of care that the patient requires, be it in the hospital, office visit, or telephone consultation. The nurse will often make referrals.

Telephone triage nursing is a great service for patients who don't have transportation, finances or medical knowledge. There are licensed practical nurses that work in telephone triage. A background in an acute care area is what most telephone triage nurses have.

The range for the median salary for a telephone triage nurse is from $65,149 to $79,505 per year. Depending on experience and location, nursing salary can be very different. The career outlook for telephone triage nursing is excellent because of the increasing use of technology in healthcare and the rapidly expanding field of telehealth.

Telephone Triage in Healthcare Facilities

Telephone triage is more than answering questions. Telephone nurses must be able to assess a client's health concerns without the use of a visual inspection. All age groups need to rely on their communication skills, knowledge of disease processes, and normal growth and development to get an accurate understanding of the client's symptoms.

The triage nurses must have good listening skills to notice the non-verbal clues the client is giving. Health advice lines and triage lines are different. Health advice lines are usually community-based information services that offer answers to general healthcare questions.

Triage services are offered by healthcare facilities and are used with a doctor's office. They take calls from patients who are trying to contact their doctor after hours, for health concerns or urgent needs. The nurse must assess the severity of the patient's symptoms and then guide the patient to the appropriate level of care.

An electronic chart is an ongoing record for each patient entered into a computerized system. When a patient calls, his or her chart is retrieved and the medical history, diagnoses, and previous records are displayed. The capabilities are increasing every day.

Some systems can include x-ray and lab results with the electronic record, as well as notifying the patient's primary physician via email, of the nature of the call and the recommendations given by the nurse in order to expedite continuity of care. The management of the center purchases the programs from an independent vendor. The medical practitioners that are being supported in the community have a certain philosophy that must be followed in the development of protocols.

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The process of sorting is referred to as triage. The original concepts of triage referred to mass casualty situations. The patient's status can change rapidly and triage is a dynamic process.

Telephone triage nurses: How to become a nurse advice agent

Being an advice nurse is a great job. It provides patient instant access to medical advice and it reduces the cost. It helps treat a lot of patients.

You can get certification as an ambulatory care nurse from the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing. You can get a certificate if you have 2,000 hours of experience in a clinical setting. A nurse who works from home is called a telephone triage nurse.

It is not as easy as it sounds. The job is hard. Unlike nurses who assess their patients physically, telephone triage nurses don't have that luxury.

Nurse advice is based on a telephone conversation with their patients. The median annual salary of registered telephone triage nurses is more than $70,000. The rate will be determined by a number of factors, like your experience and location.

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The Salary and Job Description of a Telephone Nurse

A telephone triage nurse is supposed to give medical advice and instructions over the phone after listening to the patient's symptoms. CareerStint gives you the salary and job description of a telephone nurse. A telephone triage nurse is supposed to give medical advice and instructions over the phone after listening to the patient. CareerStint gives you the salary and job description of a telephone nurse.

Telephone Nurses: A New Role in Medical Informatica

The role of telephone nurses will change quickly. Telephone triage requires expert skill in pattern recognition, which includes identifying emergencies, estimating and ruling out urgencies, and interpreting patient responses. Telenurses will also work as medical informaticists.

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The Voice of a Nurse

Remember to listen to the caller's voice and concern. The trained nurse is the one who will take the callers seriously and make sure there is nothing serious going on, but the callers who are anxious have to be reassured that they will be okay.

The Challenge of Telephone Triage

Telephone triage nurses are special. The challenge of evaluating an individual's symptoms over the phone is unique. Think of working in an ER as if you don't have a sense of smell, vision or touch.

When triaging patients, nurses are taught to use all five senses. If you take away four senses, it becomes a challenge for a good nurse to be a good triage nurse. Since the only information a nurse gets is verbal communication from the patient, they need to be able to listen carefully to what is being said.

The nurse needs to listen for things like the tone of voice and the words that may be concerning. More and more nurses are working from home. Nurse decisions are more independent than in an emergency room or office setting, even though manager support is always available.

Most patients who call the triage service after hours are not interested in what needs to be done. The nurse in the triage is supposed to provide reassurance and empathise with patients. A caring nurse is one of the most important qualities.

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A telephone triage nurse is skilled in a range of client and administrative responsibilities and is able to give careful diagnosis of patients without physically seeing them. A telephone triage nurse with 9 years of experience assessing patient condition over the phone. I have assisted individuals in need of medical attention.

Remote Nursing Positions

Provides remote nursing to a variety of patient populations. It is the primary point of contact for patients who call. All incoming calls and electronic messages are prioritized and resolved.

The nurse is responsible for maintaining the exam rooms and equipment. The start date is ASAP and the duration is 13 weeks with 40 hours per week. Travel nursing jobs have benefits, and can be worked on for 8 hours a night.

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