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Published: 9 Aug 2021

The Tire Technician, The Job Description of a Tire Technician, A Tire Technician's Role in Automotive Repair, Tire Technicians: A Career Overview and more about tire technician job. Get more data about tire technician job for your career planning.

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The Tire Technician

A tire technician is responsible for making sure that the tires on the vehicles are in good shape for the road and that they are safe for use.

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The Job Description of a Tire Technician

The tire technicians repair and install tires on cars, trucks, and heavy vehicles. They work for tire stores and vehicle repair shops. The duties of a tire technician include balancing and repairing tires.

They may be required to help people on the road. Good communication skills and being able to perform physically demanding tasks are what you should have in order to be a tire technician. An outstanding tire technician can work quickly and efficiently, while maintaining high industry standards.

A Tire Technician's Role in Automotive Repair

Tire technicians work in automotive repair shops and car dealerships to fix and replace tires on cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Tire technicians tend to work as part of a team of mechanics or service specialists, focusing on making tires safe and reliable and ensuring that they work in tandem with other vehicle systems. A tire technician inspects customer tires for signs of wear and areas for potential failure.

The technician checks the treads for debris that has lodged within the treads that pose a puncture threat, and runs diagnostic tests to see if the tires are balanced and securely attached. The tire technicians make sure that the tires are wearing evenly. Regular maintenance, such as tire rotation, can be done along with other maintenance.

The tire technician checks the tires after rotating them to make sure they are balanced and ready for further testing. In many cases, tire technicians replace customer's tires to make sure they are safe. After examining the tires, the tire technician will locate replacement tires and attach them to the vehicle if they are a risk to the customer.

The tire technician balances the new tires after they are installed. The tire technician can speak with customers about tire care. They can recommend replacement tires that will give the customer the performance they need or give advice on tire pressure or maintenance.

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Tire Technicians: A Career Overview

Tire technicians can work in any automotive setting, including repair shops, farming stores, public works garages and retailers. Their duties include tires, whether they are for automobiles, trucks, commercial vehicles or even tractor. A tire technician job is an entry level position with increased responsibilities and duties gained with experience and promotion.

Most tire technician positions require little to no prior experience and provide a foundation for advancement within the automotive repair industry. Skills and duties are taught in-house. Training and hiring expectations will reflect the duties that are different by facility.

Some fields demand that tire technicians have at least three years of previous automotive or tire repair experience. Tire technicians are expected to log any used parts they use for a repair or replacement. In some locations, technicians keep track of tire inventory, as well as checking in new supplies.

In shops specializing in tire repair, shipping and receiving duties can fall within the scope of a tire technician's duties. Outside of the standard automotive repair shop setting, tire technicians have a wide range of duties. Public works tire technicians can help prepare city vehicles for auction.

The tire technicians on the tractor are more likely to perform repairs in the field than in a shop. In most settings, a tire technician is expected to help maintain and clean his workspace and to show courtesy and professionalism in customer and co-worker interactions. Tire technicians are part of the pit crew in auto racing.

The Tire Repair and Installation Department of Discount Tire

Discount Tire has over 800 stores in the United States. Customer loyalty is a priority for Discount Tire, which focuses on employee integrity, excellent customer service, and low customer wait times. A tire repairman performs tire repair, tire installation, tire rotation, and tire evaluation.

Service calls and shop repairs are performed. All tires and tubes on city and privately owned vehicles are inspected. Provides road and field services.

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A Position Description for a Tire Technician

Tire technicians work in repair shops and their duties include repairing and installing tires, balancing them, replacing valves, and repairing punctures. They are sometimes required to perform roadside repairs. They repair and install tires for vehicles.

You should have good knowledge of mechanical and customer service skills to be a tire technician. A good tire technician is quick and efficient and maintains industry standards. The tire technicians can make between $9.79 and $19.45 per hour.

Their annual salary is $27,890. Their salaries are dependent on their previous experience and the place of employment. The tire technician's work hours are mostly spent changing tires when the season starts and fixing them when needed.

Communication Skills in Automotive Service

It is advisable to describe your strength and coordination as part of your statement because tire technicians do physical work. You can include your previous work history in tire or general automotive service. Communication abilities can be good to emphasize to employers, as tire technicians are often expected to work directly with customers. Experience with phone and computer systems can beneficial.

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A Family Autonomous Tire Technician

Reliable tire technician is able to use the latest diagnostic and process equipment. Helping customers make service decisions and answering customer questions is a trait of a good problem-solver. Specializes in family vehicles.

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