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Published: 10 Mar 2020

A License to Drive Tractor Trailers, Mechanics of Heavy Truck Systems, Trailers with a Make of Homemade or Unknown, The Role of Cross Members in a Tough Trailer and more about trailer chassis mechanic job. Get more data about trailer chassis mechanic job for your career planning.

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A License to Drive Tractor Trailers

A trailer mechanic works on tractor trailers, large trucks. It is possible for a license or certification to be required for certain types of maintenance. Job requirements can include education in a trade school or apprenticeship.

It is possible that the job requires travel to conduct site visits to address problems on the road. Employers expect their mechanics to have their own tools. A license to drive tractor trailers is required to become a trailer mechanic, because it may be necessary to move and test drive trucks as part of the job.

Emissions testing and refrigerants may need specific licenses for certain places. Job listings usually discuss the qualifications employers are looking for and indicate whether they are optional. People with more experience and certifications may find it easier to find work.

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Mechanics of Heavy Truck Systems

Trailer mechanics work to keep trailers and other vehicles in good working order. They service, inspect, and repair trailers. There are jobs at auto repair garages, trucking companies, vehicle inspection centers and companies that supply vehicle parts.

mechanics work on trailers with mechanical and electrical problems Diagnostic equipment and hand tools are used to fix and diagnose problems. The mechanics at vehicle inspection centers inspect the trailers to make sure they meet the Department of Transportation's safety requirements.

They also make inspection reports. After-sale services may be provided by mechanics at shops that sell parts. An associate degree in heavy truck technology is required for aspiring trailer mechanics.

The program is offered at technical schools and community colleges. The National Institute for automotive service excellence offers a certification program to improve a mechanic's knowledge of truck equipment. Ambitious mechanics can get jobs at companies that make heavy trucks by getting a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.

Trailers with a Make of Homemade or Unknown

All trailers with a make of Homemade or Unknown must be submitted for a DPTI inspection by the 1st of November.

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The Role of Cross Members in a Tough Trailer

Cross members are not as heavy as main beams. Cross members span the width of the trailer to support the deck and share load carrying duties. Stronger cross members are required for trailers that are wider.

The left and right perimeters of the bed are the trailer frame main beams. There are cross member extensions that extend the bed on each side behind the wheels. Don't ignore the tongue beams, and don't diminish their importance.

I have seen trailers with bent tongue tubes. That is a critical area for trailer design. Look at the needs for perimeter members in that light too.

The need for strength in the side rails might be important if the perimeter members support them. The side rails have to be stiff in the trailer frame where they attach to make them push out. The strength need is reduced if the perimeter only serves the edge of the bed support.

One quick plug for the gussets. Flexy frames are caused by inadequate angle bracing in many trailers. They don't add much weight, but they help with rigidity.

Skilled Trailer Mechanics

A skilled trailer mechanic is someone who can inspect, repair, and maintain the components and systems of trailers, tractor, and other vehicles used for hauling large goods. They have the skills to diagnose and fix mechanical and electrical issues in large hauling vehicles.

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Truck and Bus Mechanics

Truck and bus mechanics inspect, diagnose, repair and service mechanical, electrical and electronic systems and components of cars, buses, and light and commercial transport trucks. They are employed by motor vehicle dealers, garage, truck and trailer dealerships, fleet maintenance companies, and service stations, automotive specialty shops, transportation companies and retail establishments.

Astute Trailer Mechanics

preventative and corrective maintenance on trailers is performed by an Astute Trailer Mechanic. It is important to quickly diagnose and provide timely repairs. Maintaining a high level of customer support that includes providing estimates handling billing and answering questions is what we are focused on.

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Design and Performance of a Mid-Size Trailer

The guideline for a small amount of trailer weight on the tongue is time tested. The trailer will buck over bumps and wag around corners if tongue weight is too low. When building your own trailer, run the calculations a few times with different load scenarios, then design for the maximums.

Judgement is made to choose the final trailer position. Mid-size trailers are engineered with walking-beam style trailer suspension plans. The design combines benefits of both torsion and twin pivot beams.

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