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Published: 7 Jun 2021

The 2012 Census of Training Specialists in the United States, Training Specialists, A Must-have for a Training Specialist, Training Specialists: The Role of Employee Engagement and Communication and more about training specialist job. Get more data about training specialist job for your career planning.

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The 2012 Census of Training Specialists in the United States

Training specialists are usually part of the human resources department. Proper training is their main responsibility. A bachelor's degree is usually enough for many positions, though some training and development jobs require a master's degree.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there were 217,930 training and development specialists in the United States in May of 2012 and they earned an average yearly salary of $59,560. A training specialist reviews the qualifications of newly hired employees and often administers tests to identify their strengths and weaknesses. A training specialist can determine how to make the employee feel at home.

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Training Specialists

Training specialists have different roles depending on their company and industry. They are responsible for teaching and training employees and making sure they are competent and skilled for their jobs.

A Must-have for a Training Specialist

You must have good observation and communication skills to be a training specialist. A great training specialist can plan training sessions ahead of time and also manage employee surveys.

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Training Specialists: The Role of Employee Engagement and Communication

Training specialists can provide training to new employees on the systems, policies and procedures of the organization or retrain existing employees on new information to ensure they remain successful. Training specialists are usually found in larger organizations where a group of new employees are hired on a consistent basis. A training specialist is most likely to be in a call center.

Training specialists must be patient, be effective in communicating and have the ability to convey a message in a way that everyone understands the material. They must be flexible and have a high level of organization, have superior writing skills and be highly organized. They must have the ability to handle those who are in class who are unruly.

They must be consistent because each class must follow the same procedures when they complete their training. They must be aware of which training methods work and which ones don't because they are testing and when they complete training. The median salary of training specialists is over $50,000 per year.

A Training Specialist Job Description

A training specialist is responsible for overseeing all of the detailed tasks associated with instructing employees on everything from duties and responsibilities to company policies and professional conduct. Responsibilities include researching materials and methods, developing training programs, updating or modifying existing courses, establishing a curriculum, overseeing employee instruction and various administrative duties. A training specialist job description should focus on analytical and interpersonal skills. A candidate who has experience instructing a group is likely to demonstrate confidence when speaking and presenting.

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The Role of Technology in Training and Development Specialists

Over the decade, 35,200 openings for training and development specialists are projected. Many openings are expected to be caused by the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or retire. Training and development specialists help businesses and organizations deliver training.

They must first assess the needs of an organization and then develop custom training programs that can be used in classrooms or training facilities. Training programs are delivered through computers, tablets, or other hand-held devices. Training and development specialists organize or deliver training sessions using a variety of formats.

Training can be done in a variety of ways. Training may be collaborative, which allows employees to connect informally with experts, mentors, and colleagues through the use of technology. Training and development specialists need a degree.

Most specialists have a bachelor's degree in training and development, human resources, education, or instructional design. Some people have a degree in business administration or social science. Training and development specialists need related work experience.

Work experience is required in many positions, such as training and development, instructional design, human resources specialists, and teachers. Employers may prefer to hire candidates with previous work experience in the industry in which the company operates, or with experience in e-learning, mobile training, and technology-based tools. Some employers may hire candidates with a master's degree if they don't have work experience.

The Training Specialist in the Line Management

The training specialist is an expert in finding gaps in skills and competencies of employees and delivering a tailored training program. The specialist design programs are designed to fit within the budget and set the qualification criteria for training participants. The training specialist is a former Training Administrator who knows the training portfolio in the organization and all training related processes.

The specialist can offer training sessions to meet the main targets of the internal client. The training and development specialist is in charge of the portfolio of training programs. The specialist works with the line management to adjust the training programs.

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Continuum of Professional Education and Training for the Surface Navy

Provide a continuum of professional education and training to support the requirements of the Surface Navy. Instruct Advanced Welding and Air Department Emergency Welding courses and assume duties as the Machinery Repair Liaison to sustain the Computer Numerical Controlled Machinery course. The 21C12 Fire Fighting Trainer and 21C11Damage Control Get Wet Trainer are operated by this person.

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