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Author: Lisa
Published: 12 May 2021

The Railroad Workforce in the United States, Transportation Jobs in the United States, The Madrid City Rail Project, The Urban Rail Transit System and more about urban rail transit occupations job. Get more data about urban rail transit occupations job for your career planning.

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The Railroad Workforce in the United States

Over the decade, about 7,000 openings for railroad workers are projected. Most of the openings are expected to be caused by the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or retire. Railroad workers make sure passenger and freight trains run on time.

Some workers drive trains, some coordinate the activities of the trains, and others operate signals and switches in the rail yard. Billions of tons of goods are moved around the country by freight trains to ports around the world. Millions of travelers are transported on passenger trains.

Railroad workers are essential to the running of trains. The engineers operate the train engines. Locomotives are moved between tracks to keep the trains on schedule.

Hostlers are rail yard engineers who drive locomotives to and from maintenance shops or prepare locomotives for the locomotive engineer. Some people use remote locomotive technology to move freight cars. The rail yard has Yardmasters who coordinate the activities of workers.

They review shipping records to make sure trains are carrying the correct material. Yardmasters switch train traffic to a certain section of the line to allow other trains to get around. Yard engineers are told where to move cars to fit the configuration.

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Transportation Jobs in the United States

There are jobs industries that transport passengers and cargo via plane, rail, bus, boat, transit system, and other modes. scenic and sightseeing transportation may be involved in transportation jobs. The median annual wage for transportation and material moving occupations was $32,440 in May, which is below the median for all occupations.

The Madrid City Rail Project

In the year of 2019, Madrid City is expected to form a relatively complete urban rail transit network planning, and gradually start a series of related projects, including the city rail project, inter-city rail transit projects, highway connecting lines, urban public transport hub items and so on. The longest city rail line in Madrid has been operating for 8 years, it is one of four that are operated by four different private enterprises. Line 9 has been operating for 13 years, it is one of the two city rail lines outside the city.

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The Urban Rail Transit System

The locomotive for sustainable development is rail transit. Rail transit is the best way to solve the urban congestion because it is the main way to get around. It is a kind of transportation that is mature and efficient.

Ticket Management for Urban Rail Transit

Vocational colleges have higher requirements for the 1+X certificate system. The construction speed and development achievements of urban rail transit are eye-catching. To meet the talent needs of urban rail transit operation and management positions, fully consider the requirements of job ability and Vocational skill level, and take the "Urban Rail Transit Ticket Management" course as an example. The goal of improving the quality of personnel training for urban rail transit operation and management students is to be achieved.

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AI+Rail Transit Research Center

The Center is a scientific research entity that was established by CASCO with other universities to conduct research on smart metro. The Center has been committed to doing research in the field of "AI+Rail Transit" and focuses on the innovative integration of the rail transit industry with new technologies, such as big data, artificial intelligence and The first official release of the Center was the "ai+rail transit" smart scenario.

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