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Published: 5 Jan 2019

Parking Lot Attendants, Valet Parking at Retail Stores and Hospital Location, The Parking Lot Attendant, The Lot Attendant's Role in the Parks and Recreation and more about valets & lot attendants job. Get more data about valets & lot attendants job for your career planning.

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Parking Lot Attendants

The duties of a parking lot attendant can be determined by the size of the lot. In a small parking lot, attendants may be required to keep an eye on parked cars to prevent theft and to collect fees from motorists. In timed lots, attendants may need to check for expired meters.

The attendants may be required to keep a record of how many cars enter and exit the lot. Organizational skills are important in some parking attendant jobs. Cars in big lots need to be parked efficiently and monitored.

Large structures may have whole fleets of attendants that direct traffic and indicate where each car should park. Understanding how to fill a lot is important to the job. In most cases, the car park is safer than the street because of the attendants and security officers who are there.

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Valet Parking at Retail Stores and Hospital Location

A special event where a valet is hired is a wedding or company executive party where the role of the valet is to help in efficiently picking up cars and parking them in appropriate order at an off site location or other location that can take many cars. Retail stores with large number of customers need the services of valets to help in parking their vehicles at designated locations such as a reserved lot or a temporary location. Hospitals offer valet parking for convenience of patients, families, and visitors. In areas with limited parking space, parking attendants help to fit in more cars than would have been possible.

The Parking Lot Attendant

The parking lot attendants are responsible for operational activities that occur in a parking facility or lot, such as leading patrons into open spots, parking of vehicles, and taking of payments from already packed vehicles.

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The Lot Attendant's Role in the Parks and Recreation

The lot attendants are in charge of maintaining the appearance of the vehicles and ensuring the order of the lot. A lot attendant parks vehicles in assigned areas, checks them for damage, and keeps a list of keys.

Valet Service

A valet service is what it is. Avalet service is a parking facility that a restaurant or hotel provides where customers leave their cars at the entrance and attendants park and retrieve them.

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Valet Supervisors: A Field-Lectured Personnel for a Public Sector Restaurant

Restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, shopping malls and other public buildings sometimes offer parking services to their patrons as an added convenience in urband suburban areas. Customers are met by a valet attendant at their vehicle and offered to park their cars in a garage for free or an additional fee. To ensure that the establishment's customer service standards are upheld and valet tasks are performed efficiently, valet supervisors oversee the staffing, training and daily duties of the valet team.

valet attendants and other staff are supervised by the supervisors. They can create and coordinate work schedules, assign posting positions, record guest phone calls, and request valet service. Depending on the industry and establishment, valet supervisors collect, secure and distribute guest room keys, coordinate luggage deliveries, and distribute pertinent guest arrival and departure details to team members.

Lot attendants are expected to park cars in available spots, manipulate vehicles to take advantage of all open spaces, and potentially collect fees from patrons wishing to park in a particular garage or lot. Lot attendants can position or remove barricades to prevent parking. If lot attendants work at an establishment where people park on their own, they are expected to issue tags to customers to display in their vehicles.

They are expected to use hand signals and lights to direct customers. The attendants play a large role in keeping the establishment safe. They are expected to help patrons exit parking spaces safely, to help them find a new parking spot, and to help them clean up trash and debris from the parking facility.

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Parking lot attendants

A parking lot attendant is the person who manages the parking facility. Attendants watch the facility to make sure it is not being used for criminal activity. They issue tickets and collect money. Some attendants may offer parking services.

The Benefits of Valet Attendants

Employers hire valet attendants to park their vehicles. Their actions keep traffic flowing and save patrons from having to walk from their car to the facility. It is beneficial at hospitals, where patients may have physical difficulty moving from place to place, at hotels, where people may have heavy or numerous suitcases to transport, and at upscale restaurants, where walking a distance in high heels and other fancy clothing is undesirable.

The hours of operation of the company that provides the valet attendants vary, but they work shifts during the day and night. Workers who are high-performing move into higher-level positions. The first people to see are the attendants.

Employees aim to make a good impression through a pleasant exchange. Other possible actions include opening and closing doors. valet attendants inspect vehicles for flaws and record what they find.

The valet is accused of damaging the auto while parking it. The goal of providing outstanding customer service is accomplished by the work of valet attendants. Employers may call upon them to direct traffic, monitor parking lots for safety, and put up cones to keep guests away from areas that are not safe.

The median wage for a valet attendant is $10 per hour, including tips. The lowest paid workers make $8 per hour, while the highest paid make more than $13 per hour. Overtime can increase compensation.

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