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Author: Albert
Published: 15 Apr 2021

A Pedestrian's View on Social Ethics, The Visiting Scholar at the University of Illinois, Visiting Fellows at the B-University of Amsterdam and more about visiting scholar job. Get more data about visiting scholar job for your career planning.

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A Pedestrian's View on Social Ethics

Utilitarianism and egalitarianism have emphasized the importance of applying decision-making principals uniformly and consistently. Ms. Wade's physician may be consistent in following a framework that is tailored to her needs. One scholar writes thatclinicians should be exempt from normal social ethics so they can focus on the welfare of patients. The decision making process should be based on rational principals, but the physician's judgement must consider each case's unique circumstances.

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The Visiting Scholar at the University of Illinois

The research, teaching, and professional work of the faculty and staff at the University of Illinois related to social justice. The research done by the scholars at the University of Illinois promotes greater equity, inclusion, justice and sustainable living. The Visiting Scholar will be an academic liaison to other national centers and institutes, provide intellectual leadership and oversight to the content of the portal projects and the Maroon University.

Visiting Fellows at the B-University of Amsterdam

The Visiting Fellows programme is intended to encourage scholars to stay at Bruegel to conduct research work, interact with its scholars and bring insights to its members and audience. Visiting fellows benefit from the support of Bruegel. They are encouraged to submit papers for publication in the Bruegel series and to engage in research with the Bruegel fellows.

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Research Associate Professors at the Centre for History and Culture

The Research Centre for History and Culture is looking for applications from around the world for the appointment of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Visiting Professor Professor.

Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars are professors who spend 2 - 4 weeks teaching in a foreign higher education classroom. The classes are completed using remote distance learning.

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The Davis Seminar

The Davis Seminar is a weekly discussion of work by invited outside scholars and by the Fellows, which is held on Friday mornings during the fall and spring term. The weekly seminar is where fellows are expected to present a paper from their ongoing projects. The core seminar of the History Department is attended by many people, including faculty from other departments at Princeton, graduate students, and faculty from nearby universities.

The Russell Sage Foundation Visiting Scholars Program

The Russell Sage Foundation has a Visiting Scholars Program that gives scholars in the social, economic, political and behavioral sciences the chance to study datanalysis and writing while in residence at the foundation's headquarters in New York City. All applicants must have a degree that shows they can conduct high-quality research. The deadline is two years after the completion of the PhD.

The Foundation will consider applications from groups of scholars who are working together on a project. Priority is given to geographically dispersed partners, where time together would advance the project. The fellowship year is intended to give scholars time to prepare and analyze data and write about their research results, but it is not intended to be used for fieldwork or new data collection.

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Visiting Scholars at the Old World

Visiting scholars are expected to be appointed in several different categories. The applicants should be people of scholarly distinction or promise in any field of ancient studies who will benefit from the stimulation of working in an environment with colleagues in other disciplines. The areas of the ancient Old World that are often underrepresented in traditional academic departments are especially welcome and encouraged to apply. Visiting scholars are expected to do research projects connected with the core mission of the Institute, to be in residence at the Institute during the period for which they are appointed, to take part in the intellectual life of the community, and to participate in the public.

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