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Published: 20 Mar 2019

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Volunteer coordination

A volunteer coordination is responsible for all aspects of volunteering, from recruiting new volunteers to promoting volunteer opportunities to the public. A volunteer coordination is in charge of arranging all the details of volunteering.

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Volunteers in the YMCA

Their role includes activities such as recruitment and selection, determining the number of volunteers needed and for what tasks, creating job descriptions for the roles, planning where and how to post job adverts to attract the best volunteers, and carrying out interviews for volunteers.

Building a Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

Is your nonprofit hiring for volunteer services? The job description of a volunteer leader can be difficult to perfect. The Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration outlines seven core volunteer management competencies that their organization uses as the basis for their certification criteria.

They range from strategic planning to developing partnerships to recruitment and placement of volunteers. A skilled volunteer coordination needs to understand basic human psychology to be successful. You can use the examples below to build your volunteer coordinators job description.

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Volunteer Coordinators: A Job Description

Volunteer coordinators work for nonprofits. The primary responsibilities of a volunteer coordination are the recruitment and management of volunteers. Your job duties include training new volunteers, assigning them to particular jobs, tracking their volunteer hours, and evaluating volunteers.

Volunteer Coordination in Nonprofit Organizations

A Volunteer Program Coordinator is responsible for overseeing Volunteer activities within an organization. Their duties include interviewing and hiring Volunteers, placing them in different roles based on their qualifications, and maintaining accurate Volunteer records. Depending on the type of nonprofit organization, the volunteer coordination duties may vary.

There are many duties, including recruiting, interviewing, supervising and training volunteers. Volunteers are usually scheduled for ongoing tasks as well as for staffing events. The volunteer coordinators is often assigned the responsibility of organizing and promoting events.

Volunteer coordinators work for nonprofits, healthcare organizations or government agencies to oversee volunteer schedules and marketing efforts. They work with local schools and other institutions to connect with volunteers and maintain a strong volunteer base. They create volunteer schedules to maintain business operations and hire and train volunteers for a variety of projects.

They may be responsible for giving high school or college-aged Volunteers with verification documents so that they can get credit for their volunteer hours. A volunteer coordination is the main point of contact for an organization with the public. The organization needs a person who can communicate its mission with volunteers and give updates to board members.

Many volunteer coordinators have experience working with various organizations. HR experience in recruiting new employees and volunteers, as well as previous employment using databases and Microsoft Office, are beneficial for those who wish to work in an organizational environment. Training coordinators are responsible for training volunteers or employees.

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Resume Examples for Volunteer Coordinators

Volunteer coordinators make sure the organization runs smoothly with the help of human resources. Ensuring volunteer training, recruiting new staff, organizing events to attract new members are some of the tasks that they have. A Volunteer Coordinator resume sample shows qualifications such as training abilities, good communication and organizational skills, leadership, creativity and adherence to the organization's mission. Most resume examples for Volunteer Coordinator highlight a degree in human resources, which is a requirement for most employers.

The Role of Human Nature in Volunteer Management

The first challenge is that best practices in volunteer management are hard to come by. They are either not shared widely or empirical evidence does not exist to prove the efficacy of one management method over another. Volunteer coordinators have experience in marketing, recruitment, human resources management, instructional design and training delivery, and project management, and are likely to include these skills in their job description.

The ability to act as a human catalyst is a key volunteer coordination skill. It may not be possible to find a single employee with all of the skills needed for the job of volunteer program administration. Human psychology, neuroscience, and motivational theory are the most compelling skills.

The brain drives everything the body does, so it makes sense to hire and develop volunteer coordinators who can work with human nature. Middle managers don't directly supervise staff with whom they might place volunteers, their executives may or may not understand the impact and requirements of volunteering, and volunteers can vote with their feet. It is important for new leaders to be able to deploy emotional intelligence and to also understand how human motivation works in the volunteer context.

Replacing paperwork is no longer a core strategy as onboarding and team building are more important than ever. What is done for volunteers is no longer the same as what is done for others. The primary thing nonprofits and new leaders of volunteers need to recognize is that their role is shifting and that the essential volunteer skills are evolving as well.

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International Volunteers: The Role of Volunteer Recruiters and Coordinator Coordination

International volunteers are a subset of volunteers who volunteer their time outside of their home country. International volunteers serve in developing countries with a focus on humanitarian disasters, environmental causes, and promoting the interests of the poor. The recruitment and coordination of international volunteers is a demanding endeavor that takes place both domestically and internationally.

International nonprofits need to be able to put together teams of volunteers who travel to foreign countries to participate in programs and initiatives that demand intensive planning efforts. Recruiters and coordinators must ensure that international volunteers uphold the values and principles associated with their nonprofit organization. Recruiters and coordinators look for volunteers who can deliver integrity, service, and accountability.

Before volunteer recruiters and coordinators can begin to build a team of international volunteers, they must ensure that they, their staff, and their board of directors agree on the organization's use of volunteers. Everyone within the organization should be on the same page regarding the reasons for using volunteers and the way they fit into the organization. It allows volunteer recruiters and coordinators to make sure the volunteer positions they create are meaningful and important.

How to Get More Volunteers

Are you looking for ways to get more people to volunteer? Are you having trouble finding volunteers that fit your ideal audience? Want to learn how to get people to volunteer that have the time and skills you need?

Maybe you want to focus on getting the right volunteers to knock at your door. The goal of volunteer recruitment is to get people that will help you further your cause. There are many ways to get people to volunteer.

We will show you how to use volunteer personas to get attention. We will share how to get an application in, as well as tips on how to say no when you have to. One of the most time-Consuming tasks is developing the volunteer position descriptions.

The volunteer position descriptions are important in that they give clear expectations and clear boundaries. You can post volunteer recruitment ads through a variety of media. You will want to develop materials that grab attention, communicate your purpose, and appeal to people's emotions.

Marketing is not about manipulation. It is about helping your audience connect with something that can make their lives better. You should only focus on 1-2 campaigns per year.

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Candidate Selection for a Job in Social Studies

A bachelor's degree in social studies, HR or a field related to your organization's mission is still required if you want to work in that field. Their work background can be quite diverse. People with experience working in close contact with people are generally what you want. If you want to find candidates who have volunteered before, you should look at candidates who have volunteered themselves.

What Makes a Volunteer Worker? Interview Questions for Volcano Coordinator Position Candidates

When interviewing for a volunteer coordination position, you should ask the most important questions during the interview. You can find out what makes a volunteer thrive in your organization by asking the volunteer coordinators interview questions. The self-reflection of your organization is a crucial part of the interview process with a potential volunteer coordination or manager. An analysis of how your organization runs and the personality that work within your organization will help you prepare specific interview questions for volunteer coordinators and identify red flags that will give you the opposite of what you want in a volunteer manager.

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Volunteer Management in Nonprofits

The volunteer coordination should be able to manage multiple projects at the same time. How a volunteer is performing their job can affect the organization's ability to recruit volunteers, engage them, and retain them. The volunteers' performance can have a negative impact on their work.

The volunteer coordinators needs to be able to identify and fix the volunteers that are not up to par. It is important that volunteer coordinators are able to address issues and find solutions that are compatible with the volunteer program as a whole. Being a leader in a large group of people is what a successful volunteer coordination means.

Volunteers look to volunteer coordinators for information about opportunities and training. People and quick problem solvers are what volunteer coordinators need to be good at. Candidates that are outgoing and like to be part of a team are the ones that organizations should look for.

It is important to find out how comfortable job prospects are with training and if they have any prior experience with it because training is an important role for a volunteer. Volunteer coordinators need to be able to communicate their responsibilities and expectations to people. Knowing what to look for in a volunteer prospect is a task that a volunteer coordination will need to take on regularly.

The best volunteers should not be discounted and should be recruited for a specific job, which can push the program towards its mission. The best fit for a particular role should be identified by prospective volunteer coordinators. There is a correlation between volunteering and raising money.

Communication with Volunteers

Even if it is irregular, you should emphasize the importance of face to face communication. Many people volunteer because they like to make new friends. At least from time to time you would organize a team building event, or you would do it during a regular event when there is time for face to face communication.

You can suggest ways of addressing the situation. If you need to quickly address an issue with a large group of volunteers, you may split them into different teams. It is a short term solution, but if the argument takes place during the event and you need volunteers working immediately, it is the best solution.

If you are not under pressure, you can suggest having a one with each conflict party to understand their views and address the situation. You can emphasize individual approach since each person is different and what works with one volunteer may not work with another. Interview for a volunteer job is a difficult job.

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