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Published: 18 Jan 2020

The Workload of a Yard Truck Switcher, Acquirements of a lumber yard worker, Review and Investigation of Unassigned Driving Time, A 200 Yard Truck Driver Job Description and more about yard driver job. Get more data about yard driver job for your career planning.

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The Workload of a Yard Truck Switcher

Most companies use yard mules to move trailers in and out of docks or around the truck yard, but a yard truck switcher should be able to comfortably operate a semi truck with a trailer. Yard drivers have to be able to back up trailers to the dock doors. Yard hostlers are required to use other warehouse equipment, such as pallet jacks and manual jacks.

Yard truck switchers often have to clean out trailers before or after moving them, either using on-site equipment to wash them inside and out or using an industrial broom to sweep them out. Yard drivers need to know how to adjust temperature settings for specific loads if they are working with refrigerated trailers. A yard hostler should know how to inspect tractor and trailer

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Acquirements of a lumber yard worker

The lumber yard workers are known as lumber handlers and work in a variety of industries. They perform different responsibilities at their work location. They determine the quality, type, size and price of lumbers.

They are responsible for filling orders and giving materials to their clients. They also offer a lot of custom services such as knowing how to operate power tools, drive and operate forklift, and a lot more. High school diplomas and other courses are required for being a lumberjack yard worker.

A bachelor's degree is not really needed. Some workers can get certification from professional associations, while others need to be certified. They need to know how to use redwood lumber, how to maintain it, and how to lift heavy loads up to 90 lbs.

Review and Investigation of Unassigned Driving Time

The review and investigation of unassigned driving time needs to be done daily. The number of events will quickly accumulate if it is not done daily. Even if a driver does it by accident, catching and stopping unassigned events quickly is important.

If you don't watch the unassigned driving or don't catch them when they log out and drive, you may have an explosion of false logs, which may be the reason for the number of unassigned driving events. The longer it takes to find and contact the drivers involved, the more they will think you are not looking and that you are only looking half-hearted. You want to audit your driving events and assign them to the correct driver.

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A 200 Yard Truck Driver Job Description

Many people find an opportunity to build a career in yard truck driver job description because of the social demands. There is a job description for a 200 yard truck driver.

A Job Description for a Truck Yard Mule

A yard driver works in a truck yard to organize tractor trailers in order to make sure they are ready for unloading, and transport. A yard driver uses yard mules to move trailers around the truck yard, in and out of loading docks. Yard drivers are usually responsible for cleaning and basic maintenance of trailers and refrigerated trailers, conducting pre and post-trip inspections, loading and unloading cargo, and conducting other typical job duties.

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A Qualification Test for a Yard Jockey

To be successful as a yard jockey, you need to be fit, have good eyesight, and communicate well. A Yard Jockey should be able to perform under pressure, have good driving skills, and be responsible.

How to Apply for a Job as an Autonomous Driver

It is important that you give information about your work experience as a driver in order to get a job as a driver.

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Attention and Attention Skills for a Successful Tractor Driver

Good concentration skills and good hand-eye coordination are required for successful tractor driver. Outstanding tractor drivers are detail oriented and have strong listening skills.

A Highly Skilled and Productive Yard Worker

A Yard Worker with a strong work ethic and customer satisfaction record is highly skilled and productive. Able to work independently or as part of a construction equipment maintenance team. It is possible to work in a variety of adverse weather conditions as needed.

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A Job Description for a Yard Jockey

What is a yard jockey? A yard jockey is a truck driver who is moving trailers. Every plant and warehouse has a large yard where products are sent out.

The yard jockey moves trailers around the yard to and from the loading dock so that when a truck driver comes to pick up their load it is ready. The yard jockey is responsible for moving trailers to the loading dock to be loaded or unloaded, inspecting equipment, communicating with dispatch, delivering locally occasionally, log all trailer moves, and being very flexible as everyday things could change. If a trailer needs repairs, the yard jockey will notify the dispatch so the trailer can be taken to the repair shop.

The average salary for a yard jockey in the US is $16.00 per hour and $36,000 a year, depending on your location and experience, and if you have a degree. If you want to become a truck driver, you can get a yard jockey position, which doesn't require a degree in transportation. A yard jockey will be paid by the hour, which is great because you will know what your paycheck is each week, unlike a truck driver who is paid by the mile.

A Yard Jockey for a Container Transporter

A yard jockey driver is trained to drive a tractor that moves containers around a shipping terminal. The jockey arranges the containers in the best possible way for loading and unloading cargo. A yard jockey learns about safety. The driver is trained on the logistics of the yard, administrative requirements and communication with plant and dispatch personnel.

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